Sunday, June 26, 2011

recent events

Got done with our first full event last night!  We did okay...about as bad as we expected...Started up a blog for the business, so y'all can take a look at that... it is:
We were planning on moving out in August, but that is not going to happen any more...stupid being practical about money!  :(
Our last month for our chickens has been pretty poor...we had a dog or something get 2 of the year olds, and one of the other year (or something) olds died the other day.  We think she was older than the guy said she was, and she was sick, having trouble breathing and stuff for several days before...Its too bad. But I guess it happens. 
Our 16 chicks that we got back on May 13th are doing very well!  We think we only have 2 or 3 roosters out of all of them, which are pretty darn good odds!  And they are so cute!!!!  And getting sooo big!!  :)  I love them so much!  We think we have a couple of sebrights (we thought they were d'uccles before, but they're starting to look like sebrights instead).  We have one silver-laced cochin...I've decided to name her abby, she's so cute and so soft!  We think that we also have a couple of mottled cochins, but they're not quite what the pictures depict them as, so maybe not, but they are really friendly and are kinda weird, but I'm starting to really like them!  We also have a 2 dark cornish chicks...I'm torn about those, I really like their coloring, but I hate the body structure.  I still need to take some pictures of them and post them.  They're so cool!
Henny and one of the brownies decided that they're gonna set on their eggs...I keep pulling the eggs out, but they've got it in their heads that they're we don't have any mature roosters, so its pointless..silly girls!! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I'm considering medical transcription as a side job...  Not sure yet if I am going to or not! 
Our first event is in like 2 days, I'm so nervous....well, nervous-excited!  I hope it goes decently well, I am trying to keep my hopes low so that when it doesn't go well I'm not too disappointed, but I'm still hoping for the best. If that all makes sense...We still have so much to do, but we're getting close!  And putting things in boxes, so we're getting there, gradually!  Just trying to figure out the smaller things so that we are prepared!  I still have to make some flyers and we still have lots to do.. :) Hopefully its worth it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

on the side

I wish I could find something to do on the side that could make us enough money so that we could move out and be adults again...any ideas?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

terrible, awful, no good, very bad day

So far... 1) the diet is going terrible, 2) the neighbor's stupid dog got 2 of my chickens (including BIRDIE!!!), 3) living arrangements are very poor at the moment (REALLY wanna move out!!!), 4) the metal wall stuff isn't even close to being done yet and we're coming down to the wire (2 weeks til the first event!!!!! OMG!), 5) the hubby is being VERY annoying!!!!! 
I wish I could find other ways of making money.. I might sell some of my books that I have stored..