Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Graveyard Duel (4766) & Shrieking Shack (4756) Legos

Graveyard Duel 4766
This set comes with Malfoy in gray, a bunch of skeletons (white, green and black), Harry in his Triwizard Tournament clothes, Wormtail with a gray hand (because he gets a metal hand after he cuts his off to revive You Know Who), and of course, You Know Who! :) 

(Sorry it's blurry, I'm not a very good picture taker!)

There's a thing on this grave that you can turn and the skeleton pops up (and p.s. you totally get a sweet view of 2 of my fingers! yay).

The Shrieking Shack 4756...

Inside.. (the house spins around for some reason, its kind of weird..)
Comes with Harry, Lupin, Serius and Peter Pettigrew, also their animal identities.  (See last picture!!!!!!!!)

This set also comes with the sweet shop...its pretty sweet! :) haha.  I think it would be fun to make this building a lot bigger when I build my huge HP land layout.

Inside...and there is a trap door on the floor of the left side part.

This is my favorite part.  The coveted Lupin werewolf head.  (Well, and Serius as a dog, and Peter as the rat).

There are much more sets that I still haven't built yet.  But we're planning a lego weekend here soon or two.  We just have to get a jump start on homework before we can do that.  :)
Plus, as a special treat, I recently got some Christmas village houses out of legos...So that will be exciting! :)

Update attempt 2

Here is the update I've been threatening...
Here is my itty bitty christmas tree!  I had to get a new tree stand for it, and the bolt things that you screw into the tree were too small for the trunk of this tree so I had to go to the bolt and nut supply to get some new and longer ones.  It was pretty awesome!

Here are some cookies that I sometimes like to make around Christmas time...They are stroopwafels, a cone textured cookie that has a caramel filling.  They are really good and can be frozen and thawed and still are delicious (even though I didn't, unfortunately).

Here are the John Deere cookie mixes that I gave for Christmas!  They turned out really cool and I "accidentally" have one left over. :)  We had to special order the yellow m&ms and then I sifted through Christmas green and red m&ms to get the green ones, as it was cheaper than special ordering only green ones.  Plus I can make more cookies! YUM!  HERE is where I got the idea. :) Plus, my man is going to start working for John Deere this coming spring.  YAY!