Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm finding it difficult to find realistic information regarding a relatively low-carb diet..
Had an egg salad sandwich for dinner....yum! 

Friday, May 27, 2011

groc shopping

Well, so far so good, one of us may have lost almost 7 pounds over the last few days....VERY encouraging, we'll see how it goes...There is a LOT more research to be had though about this low carb what we can eat and what we can't (nay...shouldn't) and such.  Keeping carbs to only about 100 grams is the plan, but its very very hard!  EVERYTHING has carbs in it!!!  But like I said, research is to be had this weekend maybe, if I get a chance to do anything, what with all the metal stuff we still have to work on to get ready for the events in a month (we're selling metal wall decor at local city "days"...most of it features pheasants, elk, mooses, ducks, bears, etc..., we've got some pretty cool stuff, I think!).  Anyway, encouraging. 

Spent almost half my budget last night on meat...steaks, pork chops, chicken breasts, goodness!!!  Its good though, I break it into portions and freeze it so it might last me a little bit...but with recent events, maybe not! (i.e. diet)
We'll see..Hopefully things keep progressing as well as they have been! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

dieting... :S

Thank you netflix for bringing to light the instant view movie called Fat Head!  An intriguing follow-up documentary to the movie SuperSize Me.  This movie, FatHead really brought to light many of the things that I was curious about watching supersize me (which I am a pretty good fan of).  And the actor who stars in it is a comedian..(maybe I should look up his actual name now...Tom Naughton).  I find this movie very very interesting in that it brings to light that fast food restaurants are not to fault for our fatness....we are!  (obviously...we can say no)  It also brought to light that sugar might be the underlying problem for most of our health issues...which has sparked (dun dun dun duuuunnnnnn) a low carb diet!  However, we are also trying to buckle down on the budget and get the blasted cc paid off...and will be:  The Low Carb Diet On A Budget!  YAAY!!  The hubby and I still have to decide what sort of meals we will eat for the next few weeks and so I will feature updates...We have tried the lower calorie diet a month or so ago, that didn't go very well... :(  So....we'll try low carb and see if anything productive comes of it!  Hope Hope Hope!!! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

pics I promised..

Here are some of the pictures I promised earlier this week.
This is the girls hanging out in the tree last summer...
 On their way up to the top of the tree..
 Henny Penny...(she's a bantam black-tailed buff japanese), she's a beauty..
Her used-to-be significant other...(we got rid of him over the winter, he was kinda mean, but he sure is pretty!!).  To us, he is the epitome of a rooster...
 Another of them in the was so cool to see them up there!!
We have 2 of these girls, she's a buff orpington..a regular sized chicken, not a bantam like some of the others (p.s. for anyone who doesn't know, a bantam is like a mini chicken..some of the standards end up being like 8 pounds, but these ones are only about 2, so significantly different).
My absolute favorite chicken...berdie, she's all fluff and has a wonderful personality!!  She's a birchen cochin bantam, we had some roosters that were the same kind as her and they were pretty calm and had good personalities too..but we just didn't want any roosters any more over the winter and found homes for them.  One of them we named Batman...It was the perfect name for him :)
Here's Batman...(insert batman theme song here).
 We have 2 of these, silver laced wyandottes.
Haha!  this is a pic of some light brahmas we used to have, this is one of my favorite pics of it looking at me, kinda scary, huh?  They were pretty nice girls though, at least to me, they didn't like berdie at all..
AND.....someone's birthday was this last week and we went to the store and got 16 new little chicks...I didn't plan on getting any more chicks for a few years, but we figured, what the heck!?  Once we get their brooder set up more permanently, I'll take some pictures and post them...many of the kinds we're not sure of, but it'll be kind of exciting to see how they grow up and to see what kinds they are!  YAAAY!  Plus, we figured that after the hubby gets done with school in a couple of years we will probably end up living in little apartments for the next 5 years or so, then we can have our little farm with all the critters we want!

Well, bed time.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Hopefully later I'll add some pictures of my chickens, and some we no longer have but are still really awesome.  They are so relaxing to watch peck the ground and listen to their little chicken noises!  They are one of my favorite pets, and one of my favorite foods!  Nothing beats a nice moist roasted chicken.  I feel kind of guilty sometimes when I put one in the oven then go out to see them, its quite amusing actually!  None of my chickens are big enough to really make a meal though, they're all fluff, which makes me really happy!  I never thought I would much care for chickens as pets, but I've definitely learned otherwise!  For the majority, I would rather a chicken over any other kind of animal (i.e. dog or cat).  We once had a goat, but he got too big and stubborn that we had to sell him, bottle fed him and was VERY fun to raise him!  So far he's been our only "kid" (no babies for us! we'd rather be the cool aunt and uncle).  I think later we'll get pygmy goats...they're so cool!  I'll maybe post a pic of billy too...(aforementioned kid).  And maybe some of those mini cows, they're way cool too!  Full grown, they're only like 3 feet tall and only 300 lbs...perfect for 2 people!  (meaning, enough meat that we could go through in a reasonable amount of time, and small enough that maybe I, at 5'2" could maybe push them around a little). ...FINE, 5'1"... :)

Also, as far as the cookbooks go, I've started reading Ree Drummond's "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" as well as Pam Anderson's "How to Cook Without a Book."  I'm not much for reading, but these are cookbooks that I actually want to read, rather than just flip through for the recipes that sound good...Ree has a certain way of writing, and she seems like an amazing person so far.  I really enjoyed reading the recipe for Prune cake and am very excited to see if the hubby likes it, and me too of course.  And Pam's book really teaches you techniques of how to cook rather than just 'hey, here's a recipe, do what I say', she kind of gives you a template of how a food should go and then you fill in the blanks of the foods you want.  Which really excites me, because it makes cooking very simple, makes me wonder why I never thought of stuff like that before!  Cooking is not hard!  You just have to learn how to do what your doing!  If that makes sense..

Wow!  Much longer post than anticipated :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hi, starting up this blog, its a little weird, but here we go..
Needless to say, we love chickens!  Hubby and I have 11 little girls that just turned a year old!
I consider myself somewhat of a frustrated foodie...I love food and cookbooks and everything, trying to find just the right cookbook can be very difficult.  They all seem to have food that is unrealistic to the common meat-and-potatoes type person.  I've found several other blogs that have given me ideas, but nothing that is just amazing and really works for me. 
Anyway, not sure what else to say, I'll get the hang of this eventually :)