Saturday, July 21, 2012

Princess Elda #2

Here is installment no. 2 of the Princess Elda story.  Its a little haphazard and jumps around a little, but hopefully you can follow it (its definitely not perfect). :) Enjoy!

With Elda located on one side of the room and the thick, wooden door on the other side, she began to fear for her life.  As she heard Tami’s (the Queen of the Rats) loud footsteps nearing her, she began to tremble.  When Tami entered through the door she slammed it behind her and latches it so that Elda has no place to go except through the door, where she will have to fight Tami, or through the window where she would fall into the crowd of rats who will surely nibble her to death.  Well, I can either dodge her tail whip and beat her off with a roundhouse kick to the head, or jump out of the window and roll over on the ground and die, she thought. 

Tami is hardly your regular rat queen, she was 3 times older and 3 times larger than the average of her one hundred subjects and she had complete control over them.  She was about 7 feet tall when standing completely straight up.  She had really dark gray/brown fur with 4 black stripes going up and down her back.  She had thick, black whiskers with several inches of white and hot pink tips on a few of them, and very dark brown, evil eyes.  The first raid that she led them on when she first became queen was the invasion of a camping party.  There were about 20 of them sitting around various fires, singing songs, telling ghost stories and just enjoying each other’s company.  Tami noticed that some of them were desperate for food and were roasting rat and gopher like creatures on sticks over the fire and she really didn’t like that.  In another fire, she noticed people making s’mores and thought that she would show them who was who, she would make them into s’mores.  The experience of this first raid had a huge impact on the rat mob, and they decided to make this a tradition. 

As Elda peered into the eyes of the foe that stood before her, she noticed that Tami was assuming an attack position.  Tami had fought many princes and princesses in this castle and they all went the same way.  She assumed it would be the same way with Princess Elda, but she was not your average princess.  Crouching on her hind legs in the attack position, she felt a sharp pain in her right hind leg and realized that she had forgotten to eat the cheese that had been specially made for her arthritis problem.  In the same moment, she remembered she needed to go to the cottage next door and get some more of the cheese, for she was to meet with Weird Wizard William tomorrow.  She was getting older and she even noticed that some of her fur and whiskers were turning a little bit grayer than they used to be.  She always was an odd rat, she moved from castle to castle, marsh to marsh, frequently playing in Creepy Patrick’s Paints every week.  During this time, Tami maintained her evil stare at Elda and had reached the fully crouched position with her whiskers in full formation, sticking straight out from the follicle, ready to pounce on Elda any second.  

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Princess Elda

Well, because I'm bored, avoiding homework and was thinking about playing with this story again after 9 years, I would like to introduce Princess Elda.  Elda is one of my friends' sisters names and most of the characters are named after people that I kind of know, or used to know, or have heard of.  It started as a campfire story, so its a little bit crazy, but kinda fun too.  I hope you like it.  Also, the story is very open ended, so please let me know if you have suggestions of how the story can go, comment and let me know.  We'll treat it as sort of a "make your own adventure" thing and I'll try to fit in suggestions where I can (if anyone actually reads this and finds it interesting).  Here is installment #1 of Princess Elda, ENJOY! :)

Princess Elda lived in the tallest tower of the Tallest Castle of Mallow in the deepest Marsh of the Land of Plywood.  She patiently sat and wondered where the handsome prince is that will rescue her from the clutches of the Evil Doctor Beardsley.  As she sat longingly gazing out the window, a long dart with a note attached flew in.  The note read about a prince longing to see her beautiful face looking down out of the window at him.  As she marveled at the oddity of the note, she also wondered if he was outside the window now or if the dart had been misfired and had gone off track of its goal.  As she neared the window curiously a sudden worry came over her that surprised her.  At the edge of the sill, she looked down toward the ground and saw…a huge crowd of very large, fat, ugly, brown and gray rats holding mini-pitchforks attacking a man. 

Having known that the rats around the Castle Mallow think that everything can be roasted over a fire and put between two crusty brown graham crackers, she fears for the life of her new found love.  She screamed loudly in the hopes that it might stop the rats from harming him, but all it really did was make the Evil Rat Queen so angry that she began to make her way up the tower to Elda’s door.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dumbledore's Office (4729)

I found a set that is Dumbledore's Office, it is so big and really neat!!!

The little scorpion in the middle of the wings below is a sort of key, you have to pull it out in order to open his office.

I'm 99% sure that the purple spinny thing up top is the Penseive (hope I spelled that right), which is awesome, and it does spin.

Hagrid's Hut (4707)

This is a really really old version of Hagrid's Hut, the roof is not made of blocks, it is kind of a papery fabric thing, also you have to tie it together at the top with a rubber band type thing.  I would have taken a picture of the inside before I closed it if I would have known ahead of time how hard it would be to close up...So I took a picture of what the inside looks like in the book.

Hehe..Purple Dumbledore and a rat trap (on the left).  Norbert is hidden in the closet (the yellow part on the picture, and it turns around and everything, its pretty cool).

Knockturn Alley (4720)

Sirius Black's Escape (4753)

Buckbeak is super awesome!!!

Quality Quiddich Supplies (4719)

Escape from Privet Drive (4728)


and...because I'm a dork...the car is pulling the window out of the side of the house..

Secretly, there is a small compartment under the stairs that has a cloak and a wand hidden in it.

HP Legos: Round 3

I have quite a few sets to show you, all of which I am super thrilled to show off.  I've found, and its unfortunate, that I am running out of new sets to get.  So that means that we need to move on to the older sets and also get really creative with everything.  The intention at some point is to mix all of these sets together (kind of) and make one big thing.  Kind of like this web site that I found Extra Large Hogwarts, its incredible, and I am hoping to have something like it eventually.  Also, something else that I found that has made hubby and I very happy to have found is this site!!!! This is, I have it sending you to the Harry Potter sets page, but what you can do is click on any of the sets you are interested in and it will give you a piece list to build the set, and the instructions are downloadable, either from the web site or from the Lego instructions web site.  I think this is extremely useful (at least for me), especially where some of the sets that I am planning on getting at some point are $200 to $400, which seems really crazy to spend, so I have yet to see if it is cheaper to buy it by the piece, but I really bet it is worth it.  I plan on using the Toysperiod web site in conjunction with Bricklink.  I'm pretty excited, oh yeah! On that web site as well is a bzillion other sets that you can look through, hubby found a whole lot of Technic plans on there too, ones that have been discontinued and can't be shipped to the United States.