Monday, July 25, 2011


I made my first homemade tortillas today...well, sort of.  We ended up only making like 7 from a batch thats supposed to make 24, but ours were much bigger, and we deep fried them, and threw away some of the dough (thinking realistically and knowing that it wouldn't get eaten).  They ended up more like navajo tacos, er..scones.  I decided to cover mine in cinnamon and sugar and have them that way, and hubby had them with chicken and enchilada sauce on them...he said his was okay, and mine, well...amazing of course!  You can't go wrong with elephant ears!  I had pasta roni instead of the chicken, I am definitely a pasta lover, thats for sure! 

Hubby's brother moved out to his own house here a couple of weeks ago (well, sort of, he still comes by quite often).  We're pretty jealous of him.  And also, hub's mom and dad are gone all week on vacation (at least until they come home early, if they do)!  Sooooo....we have the house to ourselves!!  YAY!  Let the yelling commence!  (not fight-y yelling, fun yelling)  However, I half expect his other brother to come, because he usually tends to drop in for a couple of days to visit precisely when everyone else is gone!  I'm starting to think its a conspiracy! 

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