Monday, October 8, 2012

Diagon Alley!!!! (10217)

Long awaited...
(please disregard the background)

Borgin and Burkes:
(Built with this building is Fred and George Weezley, Grayback and Lucias Malfoy)...I LOVE Fred and George!

(notice the really cool skeleton in the window and...the other vanishing cabinet...which means now I have both!  Imagine the dorky possibilities!)

(Built with this building was Ron Weezley, Olivander, and Hermione)

And...Gringott's Bank...
(which includes Hagrid, Harry and 2 goblins)

(I think the vault is neat but the one in the older set is much better, so when I have plenty of room in my house..someday...I'm going to combine them and make it more amazing!)

..Fred and George.. (the brown blob is a brown frog)

Olivander and the 2 goblins....aren't they cute!?

Grayback and the skeleton..and the other vanishing cabinet :)

Sets I still have to build...2 old Hogwarts Expresses, the Chamber of Secrets (which is really neat and has the basilisk in it..with glow in the dark knife teeth-awesome!), and first edition Hogwarts Castle (which includes a fat lady doorway that spins around...HEHEHE).

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