Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update attempt 2

Here is the update I've been threatening...
Here is my itty bitty christmas tree!  I had to get a new tree stand for it, and the bolt things that you screw into the tree were too small for the trunk of this tree so I had to go to the bolt and nut supply to get some new and longer ones.  It was pretty awesome!

Here are some cookies that I sometimes like to make around Christmas time...They are stroopwafels, a cone textured cookie that has a caramel filling.  They are really good and can be frozen and thawed and still are delicious (even though I didn't, unfortunately).

Here are the John Deere cookie mixes that I gave for Christmas!  They turned out really cool and I "accidentally" have one left over. :)  We had to special order the yellow m&ms and then I sifted through Christmas green and red m&ms to get the green ones, as it was cheaper than special ordering only green ones.  Plus I can make more cookies! YUM!  HERE is where I got the idea. :) Plus, my man is going to start working for John Deere this coming spring.  YAY!

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  1. Super cute tree and cookie mixes! I want to try the Christmas cookies. :)