Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lupin's Classroom (4752)

This set was really easy to put together, and really creative too.  Some things I really enjoy include: the huge spider web with the orange spider by the staircase; boggart Snape-because he's wearing a frilly shirt and he's glow in the dark; the skull under the yellow globe thing; and the fact that the designers of Lupin's face put intentional scratches on his face.  This set is pretty cool!!  

Also, the alternate building instructions in the back seem fantastic!  So I'm looking forward to trying to build it that way.  Here's a shout out for help: I'm looking for alternate building instructions for Hagrid's Hut and both Hogwarts sets.  I've found one for the burrow that comes out to being Shell Cottage, but I haven't built that one yet.  Please let me know where I can find any of these if you know.
Thanks all! :)

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