Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gringott's Bank (4714)

And, as a bonus, you get a wonderful view of my pink comfy chair!
I enjoyed that there were secret little compartments everywhere that you put coins in, sliding the cart down the little track was really fun, I didn't try it on a counter or anything, but it was still awesome!  The goblins are really cute, which is why I am including a picture of them.  You can't tell, but the large white plate on the top says GRINGOTTS.  Some things that I found really interesting in addition to this is that the set is so old that Harry and Hagrid's skin is yellow, not skin colored like it is nowadays.  It made me feel like it was kinda vintage/antique, it came out in 2002, so I'm really excited that I found one for so cheap.  It was used, but it had all the pieces so it did not disappoint.  Also, in the back of the instruction booklet, it shows variations of different ways you can build it with the pieces you have.  Which I haven't seen so far in the sets that I've got, so that made me really really happy.  Plus, I can rebuild this set a different way and add it to the Gringotts that I'm getting with Diagon Alley to make it extra exciting and interesting!

P.S.  I found this set as well as a lot of others (including the next 2 I'll be posting about) on Bricklink.  Hubby and I have had pretty good success with this web site so far, most of the purchases require Paypal, and you can check out reviews of the "stores" that are on there.

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