Saturday, July 14, 2012

Princess Elda

Well, because I'm bored, avoiding homework and was thinking about playing with this story again after 9 years, I would like to introduce Princess Elda.  Elda is one of my friends' sisters names and most of the characters are named after people that I kind of know, or used to know, or have heard of.  It started as a campfire story, so its a little bit crazy, but kinda fun too.  I hope you like it.  Also, the story is very open ended, so please let me know if you have suggestions of how the story can go, comment and let me know.  We'll treat it as sort of a "make your own adventure" thing and I'll try to fit in suggestions where I can (if anyone actually reads this and finds it interesting).  Here is installment #1 of Princess Elda, ENJOY! :)

Princess Elda lived in the tallest tower of the Tallest Castle of Mallow in the deepest Marsh of the Land of Plywood.  She patiently sat and wondered where the handsome prince is that will rescue her from the clutches of the Evil Doctor Beardsley.  As she sat longingly gazing out the window, a long dart with a note attached flew in.  The note read about a prince longing to see her beautiful face looking down out of the window at him.  As she marveled at the oddity of the note, she also wondered if he was outside the window now or if the dart had been misfired and had gone off track of its goal.  As she neared the window curiously a sudden worry came over her that surprised her.  At the edge of the sill, she looked down toward the ground and saw…a huge crowd of very large, fat, ugly, brown and gray rats holding mini-pitchforks attacking a man. 

Having known that the rats around the Castle Mallow think that everything can be roasted over a fire and put between two crusty brown graham crackers, she fears for the life of her new found love.  She screamed loudly in the hopes that it might stop the rats from harming him, but all it really did was make the Evil Rat Queen so angry that she began to make her way up the tower to Elda’s door.  

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