Monday, July 2, 2012

HP Legos: Round 3

I have quite a few sets to show you, all of which I am super thrilled to show off.  I've found, and its unfortunate, that I am running out of new sets to get.  So that means that we need to move on to the older sets and also get really creative with everything.  The intention at some point is to mix all of these sets together (kind of) and make one big thing.  Kind of like this web site that I found Extra Large Hogwarts, its incredible, and I am hoping to have something like it eventually.  Also, something else that I found that has made hubby and I very happy to have found is this site!!!! This is, I have it sending you to the Harry Potter sets page, but what you can do is click on any of the sets you are interested in and it will give you a piece list to build the set, and the instructions are downloadable, either from the web site or from the Lego instructions web site.  I think this is extremely useful (at least for me), especially where some of the sets that I am planning on getting at some point are $200 to $400, which seems really crazy to spend, so I have yet to see if it is cheaper to buy it by the piece, but I really bet it is worth it.  I plan on using the Toysperiod web site in conjunction with Bricklink.  I'm pretty excited, oh yeah! On that web site as well is a bzillion other sets that you can look through, hubby found a whole lot of Technic plans on there too, ones that have been discontinued and can't be shipped to the United States.

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