Thursday, February 14, 2013

Relatively New Hair Regimen

I've been doing this no shampoo thing since the beginning of October 2012.  Ever since the first "wash" I haven't missed real shampoo.  I got the idea when a friend mentioned that she had seen it on SIMPLEMOM.NET.  And then I looked into it and thought what the heck, I'll give it a try.  I got a couple of travel size bottles that I had from travelling to see hubby over the summer (because of his internship in Iowa), and made up some "shampoo" and "conditioner."  I believe the average ratio is 1 Tablespoon per cup of water.  For the shampoo, you use baking soda, and in a separate bottle for the conditioner you use apple cider vinegar.  The hardest transition for me was going from using a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner to using them separately.  Funnily enough, after I washed my hair the first time it seemed more clean than it ever had before!!  And people talk about funny transition times when your hair behaves all weird and oily.  I have naturally oily hair and so I was extra worried about what the transition would be like.  To be completely honest, I only wash my hair every other day or so.  I think this made it so the transition wasn't as harsh on me as it would have been if I washed it every single day.  I can honestly say, I will probably never go back to regular shampoo again.  My reasons for using it are because I was hoping that it would maybe help my hair be a little bit thicker (its really thin, and I think it has helped, it feels more thick and somewhat manageable), more manageable, and the like.  And if I didn't like it, I wasn't out anything, its made with real easy things and things that I always always have on hand.

I shake it up every time right before I use them just in case.  Its really weird not to have the lather that regular shampoo gives you, but its still really good.  Apparently the baking soda clarifies your hair from chemical buildup.  So if you are making it up, use 1 Tablespoon of baking soda per one cup of water.  But this can be adjusted depending on what you like.  The same ratio goes for the apple cider vinegar.  It detangles the hair, seals the cuticle and balances the hair's pH.  Anyway, there is a lot more information in simplemom, you should check it out if this is something that interests you!  :)

Some reasons other people do this are: (apparently its a big thing!!)
1.  Shampoo is a detergent that strips your hair of its healthy oils.  Detergent is harsh.
2.  Shampoo has a lot of chemicals.
3.  Shampoo is an unnecessary cost.
*These are just quickie reasons, if you want to see more explanation go to the blog stated at the beginning.

P.S. You totally can't smell the vinegar in your hair!  Often even when I have the bottle open I can't smell it, but my nose doesn't cooperate with me sometimes.  :)


  1. Huh...interesting. If I wasn't so lazy I would try this out.

  2. Did you know you can also make your own laundry soap, dish detergent, and pretty much anything else you want? I've done both, but never the shampoo. Maybe I'll try it out!