Monday, May 6, 2013

Yellow Banana Taste Test: Organic vs. Not Organic

Hubby and I sometimes argue about the taste of bananas.  First of all, let it be said, hubby doesn't care for fruit.  Or vegetables for that matter.  My opinion is that Organic bananas have more of a banana-y flavor and taste kind of less plastic-y and have a better texture.  So, (several months ago) we did a taste test to see if we could guess which ones were which.  

Here are the bananas.  The first thing I noticed, even some time after the taste test, the regular bananas kind of went black/brown faster than the organic, which surprised me a little bit.  So, you can see that the bananas are of relatively equal ripeness and both are yellow and not green.

We decided to cut them in half, so that we would each get half of one banana to do the test.  To make them identical, we did the same halves for each person. (if that makes sense)

This is the one that I prepared for hubby.  We put a line down the middle, hubby left the room while I decided which halves of the bananas I wanted to give him, cut the bananas up into slices and remembered which side was which.  I then took them into hubby and he did the same for me.  For the sake of remembering, we wrote on the bottom of the plate very lightly to indicate which side was organic and which wasn't and promised not to look.

Can you tell which one is organic and which one isn't?  Its very slight, but it is possible.  :)

The verdict: inconclusive.  Hubby thought he could taste a difference for just a moment, and then figured he couldn't.  I, still, can taste a difference and prefer the flavor of the organic, but I'm not going to pick organic over regular unless it is cheaper or I feel like it.  

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