Tuesday, May 24, 2011

dieting... :S

Thank you netflix for bringing to light the instant view movie called Fat Head!  An intriguing follow-up documentary to the movie SuperSize Me.  This movie, FatHead really brought to light many of the things that I was curious about watching supersize me (which I am a pretty good fan of).  And the actor who stars in it is a comedian..(maybe I should look up his actual name now...Tom Naughton).  I find this movie very very interesting in that it brings to light that fast food restaurants are not to fault for our fatness....we are!  (obviously...we can say no)  It also brought to light that sugar might be the underlying problem for most of our health issues...which has sparked (dun dun dun duuuunnnnnn) a low carb diet!  However, we are also trying to buckle down on the budget and get the blasted cc paid off...and so...it will be:  The Low Carb Diet On A Budget!  YAAY!!  The hubby and I still have to decide what sort of meals we will eat for the next few weeks and so I will feature updates...We have tried the lower calorie diet a month or so ago, that didn't go very well... :(  So....we'll try low carb and see if anything productive comes of it!  Hope Hope Hope!!! 

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