Thursday, May 12, 2011


Hopefully later I'll add some pictures of my chickens, and some we no longer have but are still really awesome.  They are so relaxing to watch peck the ground and listen to their little chicken noises!  They are one of my favorite pets, and one of my favorite foods!  Nothing beats a nice moist roasted chicken.  I feel kind of guilty sometimes when I put one in the oven then go out to see them, its quite amusing actually!  None of my chickens are big enough to really make a meal though, they're all fluff, which makes me really happy!  I never thought I would much care for chickens as pets, but I've definitely learned otherwise!  For the majority, I would rather a chicken over any other kind of animal (i.e. dog or cat).  We once had a goat, but he got too big and stubborn that we had to sell him, bottle fed him and was VERY fun to raise him!  So far he's been our only "kid" (no babies for us! we'd rather be the cool aunt and uncle).  I think later we'll get pygmy goats...they're so cool!  I'll maybe post a pic of billy too...(aforementioned kid).  And maybe some of those mini cows, they're way cool too!  Full grown, they're only like 3 feet tall and only 300 lbs...perfect for 2 people!  (meaning, enough meat that we could go through in a reasonable amount of time, and small enough that maybe I, at 5'2" could maybe push them around a little). ...FINE, 5'1"... :)

Also, as far as the cookbooks go, I've started reading Ree Drummond's "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" as well as Pam Anderson's "How to Cook Without a Book."  I'm not much for reading, but these are cookbooks that I actually want to read, rather than just flip through for the recipes that sound good...Ree has a certain way of writing, and she seems like an amazing person so far.  I really enjoyed reading the recipe for Prune cake and am very excited to see if the hubby likes it, and me too of course.  And Pam's book really teaches you techniques of how to cook rather than just 'hey, here's a recipe, do what I say', she kind of gives you a template of how a food should go and then you fill in the blanks of the foods you want.  Which really excites me, because it makes cooking very simple, makes me wonder why I never thought of stuff like that before!  Cooking is not hard!  You just have to learn how to do what your doing!  If that makes sense..

Wow!  Much longer post than anticipated :)

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