Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First coupon shopping trip..

Ok, so since I'm not sure what to regularly talk about on this blog, and nothing exciting is going on in my life, other than we finally moved out (its great!), I made my first real chicken pot pie (Thank you again, Betty Crocker) and I finally checked out that "the Stocked Kitchen" book from the library...Because of that, we get to talk about this coupon experiment once a week.  Shopping day has moved from Wednesday after payday (twice a month), to probably every Tuesday, because I drive by 2 stores a day in my new commute and its way more convenient than it used to be.

Ok, shopping list consisted of the following items: pears (because they were on sale and are delicious), potatoes, chicken, lunch meat, bread, sloppy joe sauce (because it was on sale for .99/can), granulated garlic, cereal, veg. oil, Excedrin (because we were looking for a ibuprofen alternative anyway, I had a coupon, and it was really cheap), dry milk, olives, corn, refried beans, pork & beans, cheese, ritz crackers, napkins, orange/cinn. rolls, shampoo and freezer pizzas (those Totino's party pizzas).  That list was exciting, huh?!?!

After everything was rung up, it came to $100.10.  I had I think 5 coupons that were relevant and they took off a whopping total of (!!!!!)... $5.40.  On my overall purchase I saved $14.97, because I'm already a super frugal shopper anyway...Example.  Last night I had 2 coupons to save $1.00 off a package of 14-16 oz Gold 'n Plump chicken.  Okay, great!  I'll save $2.00 because we're out of chicken and need 2 packages, its on sale for $3.99 so that's only $3 a package, essentially per pound! So far so good, then, I look over and see that the store packaged chicken breasts are $2.09 a pound!  So, I'm planning on spending $6.00 anyway, so I might as well get an additional pound for the same price!  So...I spent $6.10 for 3 pounds instead of $5.98 for almost 2.  I don't feel bad.  :)  SO...after we put in the 5 coupons, my total came out to be...(dun dun duuunnn...) $94.70!!  $5.30 that I can roll over into next weeks shopping trip!  ..Yaay!

Sorry coupons...Its not looking too good.  But, don't worry, you still have time to redeem yourself... (get it...redeem! haha!!)

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