Thursday, March 15, 2012

Best lasagna ever!

I was going to take a picture of it but I didn't get a chance to.  The beauty was destroyed once we dug into it.  I made this lasagna on Monday evening.  (It's spring break for hubby this week, so I took the first 3 days of this week off work, so I had plenty of time, it took a while to make, probably 2 hours) But I made it according to the recipe.  OMG!  It is so good, probably the best lasagna I've ever made in my life.  Which really isn't saying much, because I've only made enough to count on one hand, but still.  Hubby even said that it didn't have the usual icky taste that lasagna usually has...which means a lot, where he doesn't like lasagna in the first place.  Also, I brought some for work today, and all the delicious mozzarella melted all over and it had a beautiful melty yummy "crust" to it...

So, you are probably wondering where this alleged recipe's the link to it.  Best Lasagna Ever! You can see why it intrigued me, based solely on the name.. Also, I feel a certain connection to her (the Pioneer Woman), where she enjoys living on a farm and has all sorts of aminals (yes, I meant to spell it that way).  However, I forgot to put the parmesan cheese next to the top of the lasagna, but by the time I remembered it was too late.  Also I thought it was weird to add eggs to the cottage cheese goo, but I did anyway and don't regret it.  Also, I tried to drain as much fat as I could from the meat, but our meat was pretty lean so there wasn't much.  Yum Yum Yum.  Highly suggested!

Plus, as opposed to my previous meatloaf recipe, this one is very accurate, like with actual measurements!!  I tried the meatloaf again as I laid out the recipe and it didn't turn out very good.  However, last week I tried to make meatloaf men (which didn't turn out to be men, but simple meatloaf rounds.  I didn't want the arms and head to cook faster and end up being gross.  So if anyone knows how to do that and not end up that way, let me know :)).  In that recipe, I added half of a tube of reduced fat original sausage and it added lots of delicious flavor, and used just plain Italian bread crumbs, no onions at all and it ended up to be very good!

Also, in my last round of cookbook purchases, I got the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook.  I was thinking it might be fun to make some things from that and post them here.

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