Monday, April 16, 2012

The Knight Bus (4866)

Some things I particularly enjoy about this one, they made it so the bed on the bottom "floor" slides around (also note that Harry is lying on the bed! :)  The hair that is used for Ernie's is the same that is used for Madam Hooch...Awesome!  Harry's trunk is placed on the left side of the middle "floor" and does not sit properly and rattles around, which is really creative!  The white blurr on the right side is Hedwig.  And there is nothing of interest on the top "floor" except for that the chandelier swings around, which, again, is extremely creative! :)

Overall, these recent sets are pretty lame, but I'm to the point where I'm running out of things to get and need to get the whole set.  But, on the other hand, I really enjoy them and they make me giggle!!!  Pieces to look forward to in the very near future include: Diagon Alley (which I am thrilled about and hopefully it comes soon!!!), Gringott's bank, Escape from Privet Drive, and Lupin's classroom.

I think I have a problem...(getting too many legos).  My wish list for the next go around is pending, including but not limited to the large hogwarts express (not the motorized one), chamber of secrets and the shrieking shack which has a wolf head that you can put on lupin!!!!!!!!!!!!

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