Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas is here!

I am pleased to announce the arrival of my Christmas tree!  I am very excited!  We usually hate Christmas for various reasons, I love everything about the season but I hate Christmas!  Hubby has been especially grinchy this year, he has not allowed me to get a real tree.  But he approved the making of a construction paper tree yesterday.  And I made the tree today!  Observe... (P.S. Thank you Google images for the ornaments!)

Beautiful, isn't it?!?  Some ornaments of note include (see if you can find them!): Lego angel at the top, 3 super mario characters/items, lego Dobbie, female and male hippos, 3 robots, moose on a skateboard, gingerbread house, yoda, the Lego enchanted flying car, cupcakes of course, and the hogwarts express.  As you will also see...there are presents already under the tree! 

I would also like to mention one of our favorite low calorie beef dishes that we've had recently.  Very delicious and extremely simple!  Its like our travelling tacos, but different.  We do 4 ounces each of ground beef, so 8 ounces in a pan, warm it up.  Add a whole can of pork and beans and some taco seasoning.  Thats it!  Warm it all up for a few minutes and serve with some tostito rounds. Its very filling and quite good!  Overall its about 530 calories, which I guess isn't all that cheap, calorically speaking, but its really good!

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