Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcome to Hogwarts!

Along with lego Hagrid's Hut, I also acquired The Burrow (Weezley's house) and the Hogwarts School (in 2 parts).  They were both very excellent!  The detail that they put in is really incredible!!  I haven't decided yet if I'm going to get Diagon Alley, I really want it, but I'm just not sure yet.  Enjoy! :) I know I did, they were so fun to build!

 (the legs on the turkey come off!!!  haha!!)

 Dumbledore's office...Isn't Dumbledore cute!?! His beard is a separate piece too!!

The Burrow!


More pics of Hogwarts...with dementors in the background waiting...hehe! 

Filch, his cat, and Harry in his invisibility cloak..haha!

Voldemort, his snake and Lucious Malfoy as a death eater (you can turn his head around and put different hair on him to be a normal guy).

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  1. Hooray!

    I love the invisibility cloak, and Lucius Malfoy.