Saturday, December 10, 2011

Some random stuff

Well, in trying to figure out what to write about on this on a regular basis I thought I would add some random pictures of things that hubby and I like.  Also some features from our most recent vacation.  (Side note, we're super dorks and pretty redneck, which I enjoy).

This picture is from when we went down to Salt Lake City to support my brother in law. He put his truck in one of those dyno contest thingies and he got like 880 hp.  He did soooo good, it was very unexpected but we were thrilled for him!  Isn't that a beautiful cloud of smoke? (sorry nature people...)

This is from our most recent vacation, we like to go to Twin Falls, ID.  I know there's not really anything fun and exciting to do there, but I think that's why we like it.  Its quiet and we can just be away from everyone and enjoy doing nothing.  Anyway, on our vacation, we were able to meet with a guy out near Idaho Falls that has mini-cows.  Someday we hope to own some.  Here are a few facts about mini cows that make them make a little more sense to own.  You can do like 2.1 mini cows per 1 full size cow for the same amount of feed, you get more of the valuable and desirable meat, and for me, because I'm a hair over 5 feet tall, I should be able to handle them a little better than the larger ones, as they only grow to be about 3 1/2 feet tall.  And they're cute, and the calves should be freakin' adorable and so teeny!  I'm excited to own some and raise them from babies.  And pygmie goats, and maybe a pig or 2, and rabbits, and many many chickens...

Here is me standing next to some that are eating, they are so short, its awesome!

After we saw the mini cows, we drove through Blackfoot and checked out the Idaho Potato Museum.  It was pretty awesome!  We learned a lot about where potatoes came from and what sort of farm equipment was used back in the day, as well as many other things. 

This was also a feature at the museum, if I recall correctly, it was the world's largest potato crisp. Awesome!

And I guess I don't have a picture of Elda on my laptop or anything like that, so I'll have to grab the picture from my computer at work.

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