Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hagrid's Hut

This red knob on the left makes the light in the fireplace come on!

Inside Hagrid's Hut (thats right!!  It folds open.)


The lighting was poor, but here's harry and hagrid.

Ron, Hermione and Scabbers...(notice Hagrid's pink umbrella next to Hermione, and Norbert at the bottom left)

The Forbidden forest...

And something completely un-Lego related!
Here is my oh-so-beautiful not-rice rice-bag...I use it to warm up my feet at night.  Its not pretty, but it does a really really good job. 

The outside is made of denim material (an old pair of work pants I wasn't going to wear any more).  I picked denim because its more heat resistant than other fabric and should stand up well to oven temperatures.  I usually heat up my rice bags in the microwave, but we do not have one, so we have to cook everything in the oven and on the stove.  I also had to pick something that would stand up to the heat, I didn't figure rice or corn would last long, so I decided to use acquarium gravel.  I picked the kind that looked the most like natural rocks (no paint because I didn't want to cause an issue with the paint burning or something like that).  We have a gas stove/oven, so I set the temperature to 200 degrees F, put the rock bag in right on the middle rack while its preheating.  When it reaches the correct temperature I set my timer for 18-20 mins.  When its done, its very nice and hot.  It does a fantastic job at warming my feet!  Also, I've done up to 300 degrees, its a bit too hot, so is 275, but I'm still trying to find the perfect temperature. 

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  1. Please post more pics of the legos! I told Porter about the set yesterday and he was very jealous that I saw it.

    Also, I may have to copy that bag thing... pretty neat idea.