Saturday, August 4, 2012

Princess Elda #3

When we last left our fair Elda, she was being faced with the most terrible of fiends in the whole rat kingdom, Tami.  At that time, she had no idea what to do because Tami was crouched down, about 3 seconds from pouncing on her and she had to think fast.  Suddenly, Elda heard a very high-pitched squeak come out of Tami's mouth; thinking nothing of it, she continued to stand there fearing for her life.  At this time, she had no idea what in the world to do about the strange situations she had found herself in.  Then, she decided to pull out the "How to be a good Princess for Dummies" handbook.  She quickly flipped to the chapter titled "How to fend off Vicious beasts with long tails (which contain a deadly poison) that they could easily whip at you and put you to death immediately" which told her about how to beat off dragons, snakes, large rats with pink-tipped whiskers, and various other feared creatures that usually live in castles. 

Moments later the door was knocked down by some 40 or 50 blood-stained rat servants, to which Elda let out a gasp.  She quickly whipped around and looked out the window down at the ground and saw a pile of blood and bones, of which she assumed, were the remains of her note-sending love.  Since Elda is a princess like no other, she has magical powers, at this particular time it was most important to decide exactly which one she should use against Tami.  She went to her handy dandy potion cabinet and perused her options quickly; she picked up “Mr. Belvedere’s Burp at the Beast” soda pop with 35% less carbs than the original.  When she turned around, she found that Tami was within feet of her and closing in.  After taking 2 large gulps, she let out the loudest burp you've ever heard and immediately Tami stopped, and her crowd of servants stopped dead in their tracks.  Tami fainted and fell over dead (or was she?) and all the rats were so frightened that they ran away down the stairs and never came back.  After a quick recovery from the burp, Elda noticed that the room was completely empty, all but Tami lying on the floor.  

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