Sunday, August 12, 2012

Princess Elda #5

It turned out a bit longer than anticipated, but here you go.  (I really need ideas..the next chapter will be about Princess Susan in Hula Skirt Town...probably involving plaid grass skirts, a friend named Kermit de Kevin, and something about a sea chickens revenge but I don't have anything written yet just a list of ideas.)
Also..I'm making banana bread and it smells amazing! It might make an appearance later.

News brief:
            "A Roy man was found dead lying among the smokey flames of the Central Branch library of the Davis County Library System this morning.  Located in the lowly town of Layton, Utah, it gave service to some thirty-seven thousand patrons, all of which will have to find another place to retrieve their books.  As the chief of police, Sean Talbot, stood searching the building for some sort of clue as to who would do such a thing as burn down a community library, I decided to go have a word with him.  As I neared him, he turned to talk to me and began the conversation with, "I've never seen such chaos at a library like this before!"  I silently agreed and nodded my head and scanned the room.  He wouldn't have heard me had I said anything anyway, what with all the screaming people running around grabbing all the non-smoking books that they could get their hands on.
            Among the screams of the patrons who were desperately trying to put the flames out themselves, we heard from inside the library a curiously frightening yelp indicating something was found.  "Why?!  Why?!  Why would someone do this?!"  Upon hearing the scream, this anxious reporter and the chief ran over towards where the scream came from there, we find Tess, the ever so trustful employee shelving in the cooking section.  As we approached, I noticed the books about baking cakes and cookies and all sorts of different meals were missing and were, instead, replaced by books about Chile and Austria.  Upon further inspection, I noticed that the spine labels had been changed as well!  What a horrid disaster has befallen the poor library!  Only someone who knew the library system very well could have done something so evil.  Only someone who knew how to change the labels and who knew the proper shelving technique could have done this.  Maybe it is those pesky volunteers that keep coming around, maybe they're really spies!  
I often wonder if most of the library workers have been driven insane by the multitudes of problems caused by inconsiderate patrons, because if you have so many people causing problems, you can only be calm for so long.  Another clue that made me think they had been driven insane was the fact that there were 5 or 6 of them sitting over in the romance section of the burning books roasting marshmallows and making s'mores!  You'd think they were happy parts of the library were burning and that they'd planned it and happy that they had all just lost their jobs.  Looking over, I had noticed a few of them, and remembered their names.  I went over to Liz, as she proceeded to put a marshmallow onto her stick ... I don't remember all she said, but I do remember one part where she said "That's because we needed to smoke out the crazy patrons!," I do believe, however, that it was a mix-up of the tongue, but still, very suspicious.  I then moved to the innocent looking Andrea, who was putting a piece of chocolate onto one of her graham cracker halves.  Her response sounded fairly honest, "The books went rampant!  I had to do something to stop them.  They were attacking patrons, we tried everything to stop them!  The only thing we hadn't tried yet was fire.  But we couldn't let them hurt people. We had to do something, it wasn't supposed to burn everything else, too.  Just the books attacking people!" 
            With all the chaos and questioning going on, no one knew what to do, until the door swung open with a lot of force, and Princess Elda came in.  With a wave of her magic wand, all of the books went back to where they were supposed to be, the spine labels were changed back, and all the books that were sitting as ashes were back to their normal state, moved to where they belonged.  Then everyone yelled "Hip, Hip, Hooray for Elda!"
            Then, it all came together, the culprit was Tami, queen of the rats!  She must have bitten one of the employees, made the person her servant and made them burn down the library!  That must have been it!  Tami must be stopped before she strikes again!!!"

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