Saturday, August 4, 2012

Princess Elda #4

Still caught up in the fear of the situation, she stood still and couldn't move.  Suddenly, Handsome King Tim, the enchanter, swung in with his trusty sidekick, Elder Peterson.  Tim concentrated on Elda, and made sure she was okay, then she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and they swung out the window while the Elder took care of Tami.  He woke her up with that alcohol chemical that wakes people up when they've fainted, and when she was awake, he pulled out his handy pocket Bible, where he taught her 2 lessons.  Trying desperately to talk her out of going back to her old ways of killing people, and repent.  There was a large matchbox down the street that she could attend church at.  Tami, being a rat, had no idea what he was talking about, and couldn't understand anything he said, but she felt a warm, fuzzy feeling.  She didn't like it, so she bit his head off... and his right index finger. 

When Elda and Tim safely landed on the ground outside the tower, they were met by the ever-so-lovely and beautiful Princess Susan, who just happened to be Elda's sister.  She had just arrived home from a long vacation just in time to aid in the saving of her sister.  She brought with her three large white Siberian tigers, so that they wouldn't have to walk all the many miles to their destination.  Their destination was to Princess Susan's kingdom, the neighboring land of Hula Skirt Town. 

Next time: a news brief regarding books attacking people at the library.  

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