Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chicken Adventures: Happy Hatch Day 2 months!

Well, on July 31st (yes, I'm that far behind, and I'm sorry!), the babies turned 2 months old!  I can't believe they are 2 months....its gone by so fast, and I just realized the other day that we've lived here in Iowa for 3 months already!  My goodness!  Since they are a whole 2 months old, I thought it appropriate to update their pictures! :)  And I've come up with a few names for some of them...

Here is Ginger (maybe Little Red, that's what I think she'll more likely be called)...She's sooo tiny!
Basil, the golden rooster (pronounced ba-sil, like a sheep's baa).  We got the idea for that name from the Fawlty Towers BBC tv show, its quite funny! He's really filling in and getting quite handsome!
 The golden girls, I was thinking Marge and Rosie...
 The twin red sex links...(not sure of names for them yet).
Little blue girl...she's really feisty!  I was thinking of naming them after my 2 favorite female jazz singers, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, so Ella and Billie...
 Our partridge rooster...
And one of the buff brahmas...we're naming them henny and penny, but we can't tell them apart so I don't know if we'll just call them both henny penny or something, I'm not sure yet.
There we are!  It was their hatch day, very exciting!!  :) Maybe some day we'll have their coop done...we are sooooo close!!!!!

I was running some errands for hubby the other day and I came across this magazine.  I wanted to get it anyway so that we would have some more chicken reading materials, but I also couldn't resist the cover stories! :) "Hot Flashes? Life after Henopause" bwah ha ha!  And "Let's Talk about sex (links)" haha... :) Where do they get this stuff!?  ...Henopause...awesome!

The canopy, fencing thing that we have been using outside to let the chickens out and give them some fresh air and green grass has been steadily going down hill since the tornado that we didn't have.  As you can see below...
So we thought it was time to make something that we have been thinking about doing later on when we have the coop built so that we can move them around the yard to get fresh areas of grass and food.  We were talking about it and decided now was the best time as any, especially considering the condition of the canopy.  So we bought a bunch of PVC pipe, some fittings, zip ties and string and went from there.  Here is our new outside run thing!  Yay!  I think its one of the best things that we've done and it really turned out nice!!
We used the same fencing stuff that we used with the canopy, but at least on this one its all tied down and its much better!  We are both just thrilled with it!  I think the chickens love it too! :) I'm hoping in the next chicken post the coop will be done and I'll be posting pictures of them in the coop, but we will see how today goes.  Now its nap time, but I'm not tired, so there we are! :)


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