Friday, August 23, 2013

(not) Busy Days...and Microsoft Excel

Well, it has been an exciting and very busy last few days...(not really).  Yesterday we had a huge rain storm which was really really needed!!!  Its so good that it rained, but the wind blew a whole lot!  I don't think the chickens understood what was happening because when it started raining real good the chickens were still out standing in the rain, so as it was pouring I shooed them into the coop.  Otherwise they probably would've drowned!  I'm guessing, I don't know!  Silly chickens though!  A couple of hours later after the majority of the storm passed, I went out to let the chickens back out and found this.

It is the PVC run thing that we made.  ...wrapped around the coop.
The good news: it bounced right back from that, good thing PVC pipe is flexible!

For my painting class, we had to find something that we want to paint, something that interests us, so I took in this picture.  I thought it would be really interesting!
Here's what happened after the first class...(now we can see the progression).  So far so good, but we'll see how things go.

I saw this as I was taking pictures of the other chickens, I took this in as one of my painting options, but it turned out the other one would probably have more interest in it.   They found one of the old mole mounds and were using it as their dusting spot!  So cute!  

And, this is the wonderful and most exciting events of last night.
We bought our couch from the DI in Ogden, UT almost 2 years ago.  It is possibly the most comfortable and best couch we've ever had!  Best use: naps!  I kind of miss it because I slept on it the whole summer of last year while hubby was doing his internship here in Iowa.  I slept sooooo good on it!  But I'll take sleeping next to him over the comfy couch any day.  :) Anyway, hubby was sitting in his spot and he looked down and found this in between the armrest and the cushion.
A Simpsons puzzle piece.  It is not ours, I know this.  1) we only have one Simpsons puzzle. 2) it is 1000 pieces, so the pieces are much smaller than this. and 3) its a mosaic puzzle (where every piece has like 5 tiny pictures that all work together to make up one whole big picture).  So, we've been carrying this piece and it has made it through 2 years, a 1200 mile move, and a wild car-ride on top of my car when taking it home from DI during which it was rained on.

Another exciting thing that happened last night is this.
Hubby was curious just how many rows and columns Excel had.  Well, the answer is this: Rows: 1,048,576, and Columns: XFD.  My question is, why didn't it just go to zzz?  or a round number like 1,050,000 or something?  Weird! you can see, yesterday was a VERY busy day... hehe.



  1. I hope you guys didn't scroll through! There's a shortcut that will take you all the way to the last cell. It's something like control + down arrow (or right arrow). Anyway, I'm excited to see the new painting!

    1. That is hilarious that you said that. Hubby spent a good 15 minutes scrolling through all the cells. We were bored anyway, but it was amazing how many cells there were! :)