Monday, July 29, 2013

Mole Patrol: #3 down

Well, as you all know from the recent posts we've been on mole patrol pretty eagerly.  We've been looking every day for new activity, once we find a mound we attack it with the hose and sometimes the moles just giggle at us as we try so hard.  Other times we catch them.  We caught one in the back yard a few days ago, as I returned home from the grocery store I saw the newly formed hill and walked up to it.  As I did, the dirt was coming up on the top of it!  I was so surprised, it was actually moving!  I went inside and then when hubby got home a few hours later I told him, and we immediately went outside and within 5 minutes the little beast was in the bucket.  That was mole #2.

Tonight we caught mole #3!!  This one has been teasing us for a while now, I saw the new mound this morning.  During the day there was a tiny bit of activity, but when hubby got home he went right for it with the hose.  He seemed to find the sweet spot and maybe 10 minutes later he saw a little nose pop out of the dirt and next thing you know he's yelling to me to bring the bucket.  I love that yell!!  :)  Mole #3 down! Heck yeah!  Several songs came to mind after this one.  Hubby's and my song, "Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen, "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty (there is apparently a very good version of that song by Johnny Cash too!), and finally, "One Way Or Another" by Blondie.  "One way, or another, I'm gonna find ya, I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha getcha!!!"  Awesome.

Side note: there was a deer with some pretty good antlers on it right in our back yard last night!  In our ACTUAL back yard!  Not the field!!!  It was crazy!

Other side notes about critters: we have a groundhog living pretty close by; I've seen some ground squirrels, I think; I saw a chocolate brown mouse outside my work window teasing me; the moles of course; and I saw two rabbits this morning!  And the cicadas are doing their noisy thing, which is interesting.  And the fireflies are still pretty cool.  And a cat by the big shed.  We are thinking about getting some outside cats from one of the guys that used to live here to help deal with the mouse situation before it gets bad this fall, but I haven't decided if we are going to do it yet.  The road next to our house is relatively busy and I worry for their safety!  I dunno yet! :)

Anywho, I have pics of my garden that I'm not very proud of at the moment, but its bed time.  I'll try to post that tomorrow! (try)   ...I wonder if my watermelon is ready...

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