Friday, September 13, 2013

Chicks, garden pics, and painting, oh my!

Well, hubby and I have been on a work trip this week, during which I have been quite bored and been able to read books that I have wanted to read for quite some time!  It has been very nice, even though hubby has been gone for most of it.  But we have taken a few chances in the evenings to do a few fun things in the area, but for the most part we like our vacations pretty boring. :)

So, I'd like to take the chance to post about a few things that I have had in the queue to blog about for a while, this way I should be slightly caught up.  You remember how we made the pvc and netting run for the chickens?  We use that now as an attachment onto the coop so that they have a lot more run area and it seems to be working pretty well!

Here is a picture of Parker, the partridge rooster...He has so many nice colors and is really filling in to be a very nice looking rooster!  I'm afraid that Basil is still the number one rooster though!

We decided to finish off the garden, so I picked all the carrots and all the rest of the watermelons, whether they were ready or not.  I think we are going to end up feeding all the watermelons to the chickens because we kind of have to be in the mood for watermelon, and we haven't really been in the mood for it.  But...the chickens are absolutely in love with watermelon and I know they are hoping that all the cucumbers I take out to them are watermelons...I can see the disappointment when they discover they are cucumbers, hehe...
Here are the flowers on the raspberry plants...I hope that we don't miss them.  I'm hoping they are red, ripe and ready when we get home and that we are able to eat them.  YUM!! So glad we did the raspberries!
I have to figure out how to save some strawberry starts so that we can make some more pots, I have been getting tons of strawberry starts, but just been putting them back in the pot.
And, alas, here is the garden.  I cut out the tomato plants from their mangled cages and pulled them from the ground.  I wasn't going to use any more tomatoes and decided it was time to call it done. It was fun though, wasn't it?  While hubby was mowing the lawn I sprayed the garden with round up just to kill anything growing in there.
After hubby mowed the lawn and I raked it all up, he distributed the grass all over the garden just so it would help kill some of the garden greens.
Next year, I think I will use newspaper in between my plants to keep the weeds down and aid my gardening skills.  Plus, I think newspaper just decomposes and adds some nutrients in the soil, I think...I'm quite sure.  (Hubby is looking at pictures of goats and I want some pygmy goats soooo bad!!!)
On a different note, here is my finished painting from the acrylic painting class I took!  Ta Da!!!!
I think it turned out okay, and I really like how the red of the face of the bottom brown one turned out.  I'm not sure that painting is one of my skills, but it was worth a try! :)

Here is a quilt that I am in the process of kind of making.  It is no where near perfect...
And it may not be to anyone else's taste, but its a collection of my favorite fabrics that I have.  It has been pinned together in my fabric box for quite some time and I've been able to take some time the last few weeks to sew the pieces together.  Many mornings it can take quite a while to get any work to do, so I have been taking that time to clean the house and sew this thing together.  I still have to get some batting and a sheet for the back side and sew it all together.  I want to make it a bit heavier (I like heavy blankets), so maybe I'll see if I can add something in between the sheet and the batting to add some weight.  I think its a twin size blanket, if not a little smaller, so I might have to add a border around it to make it work with the sheet.  I also have some more large pieces that I want to use to make something else, not quite this crazy though.  I need to post pictures of the 2 king size quilts that hubby and I both made with the help of his wonderful mother...They are incredible!!!  :)

Also, I kind of want to learn how to knit, so I thought I would take the time to learn how this week. I have a little swatch working, but I'm still working through learning the stitches.  When I finish learning them I'll post a picture of the swatch and the book that I'm learning from.  I think that because I already know how to crochet that maybe that has helped maybe a little bit.  Maybe not, I dunno.  We will see how this goes.  :) It is kind of fun though!


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