Monday, September 30, 2013

Mole Patrol and Fall pictures

Well, we found evidence of another mole.  I was about ready to announce that we were mole free for a while, but alas, we found one.  This one is proving to be quite elusive.  It seems to be playing along side my driveway where there is dirt and where I can hardly tell.  Hubby noticed when he was mowing the lawn on Thursday.  We got out the hose and tried in about a dozen different places and couldn't catch the little beast.
(this one has a mound that hubby stamped on)
I never in my wildest dreams thought that we would be dealing with moles.  And I can completely understand the phrase "making mountains out of molehills."  The other night when we were working on the nesting boxes for the chicken coop, I ran to the shop to get something and noticed all sorts of little tunnels under the ground.  This one is really teasing us well!  I'll keep you updated.

One of my friends at work and I like to talk about zombie protection strategies (lightheartedly of course, I just think its funny to talk about).  I had to let them know that I saw these in the local hardware store.  Zombie specific Ammo Cans.  Awesome!

I have also seen zombie target things in Walmart for shooting practice and a zombie apocalypse survival guide in Target.  I didn't expect to see these kinds of things out here, its kinda funny! :)

On a completely different note, here are some pictures of the coop alongside the bean field this fall! Its so pretty!
 Here is the view to the right...
 And yet another view of the left field without the coop.  :)
 Oh oh oh oh oh!!!  Guess what I picked yesterday!!!!!
These 4 beautiful raspberries...YUM!!  Hubby and I both had 2.  I picked another one this morning!  Homegrown raspberries are sooooooooooo delicious!   Someday I hope to have a nice big raspberry and strawberry patch!

Some of you might remember that at one point I had an irregular heartbeat and have been taking heart medicine to make it regular again.  I believe it came to be because I was pretty addicted to caffeine for about 6 years.  Which I have stopped drinking every day, now I only have a little bit once or twice a week, no where nearly as much as what I was having before.  As an update, this last time I visited the doctor, they put me on an EKG for a few minutes to measure my heartbeat. I'm happy to announce that it was working perfectly!!!!!  All is well!  I do have to keep taking the heart medicine though because if you stop cold turkey your heart will tend to go back to the way it was before.  The doctor lowered the dosage and everything seems to be working perfectly!  (knock on wood) Not to worry everyone! :)

Today is the chickens' 4 month hatch day!  I hope to take some pictures tomorrow and post about that tomorrow!  (we'll see if that happens!)  :) I'll take pictures of the nesting boxes we built this weekend too!


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