Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Octobeard and Very delicious dinner

It is October 1st.  Apparently the department hubby works in is doing a beard growing contest for the next 2 months.  Per my knowledge of the thing, you have to shave clean and put $10 into the pot to participate.  Apparently its a team building exercise as well, and whoever has the best beard or something at the end gets the pot of money.  His supervisor also said that he has to participate. Sooo...its been a very sad morning.  It has been soooo many years since he has shaved his face clean.  I think in the 9 and a half years we've been married he's only shaved completely clean, maybe, twice.  He hates getting his picture taken, so I took a picture of his facial hair after he shaved it off.  Sorry, this is probably pretty gross, but there we are. 
On the left is his goatee.  We've been dreading this day for the last week, so just for fun the other day we measured the very longest hair and it measured about 4 inches long.  And on the right is the rest of the hair covering his beautiful chin.  So, as you can see, he had a lot of hair on his face. Seeing him clean shaven again is very weird for both of us and we don't like it!  He looks so young! :) But also I can see the super handsome man that I married and its been a very long time.  He is so handsome no matter what, but we are very excited for it to grow back! 

And...one of our favorite dinners...Navajo tacos!
We had this last night and I just couldn't resist taking a picture and talking about it.  YUM-O!!!  It has Indian fry bread that I found a super easy recipe for that calls for Bisquick, flour and a little bit of salt.  Perfect!  And then deep fried in the deep fryer until golden brown and delicious....topped with (in this order) refried beans, hamburger seasoned with Taco Bell taco seasoning, shredded cheddar cheese, tons of lettuce, black olives, and then ranch dressing on top.  (Don't judge me...) Oh My Gosh, YUM!  Just for fun, last night I figured out the calories for this using the myfitnesspal app! I figured (not including the fat that may have entered the fry bread during frying, which, really, I think is probably minimal), that this dinner is about 715 calories.  Which actually isn't that bad.  When we DO change our diet, we usually allow dinner to be about 700 or so.  And, according to my calculations it only had 24 grams of fat, which is still about 5 grams of fat less than one delicious Big Mac.  YUM!  Please make this!



  1. Haha, ewwwww! Hair and food don't mix! Lol!

  2. Yes, Susie, you are correct. ;) hehe...