Friday, December 20, 2013

Cookies, Pancakes and Pierogies

Well, it has been about 10 days apparently since I blogged last, which disappoints me but also surprises me because it feels like it has been a lot longer!  We had some freezing rain last night and are still having some at random times today.  Everything is so completely frozen and icy its rather scary!  I've been seeing the large snow plows driving by several times already just putting out loads and loads of salt on the roads.  I'm very glad I don't have go to anywhere today and can just stay home under a blanket and in front of a heater.

I was writing an email to a close friend about a half hour ago and saw something funny.
Apparently I'm having a conversation with a human.  As opposed to everyone else?  hehe.  By the way, it was human resources from a bank, funny though!

Earlier this week, on Monday, I wanted some German pancakes with buttermilk syrup, so I made some.
I made them a little bit different than I usually do and my pancakes weren't as alien as they usually are, which was awesome!  Anyone that makes German pancakes probably knows what I mean by "alien."  If you don't know what I mean, look at the edges on the left side, it usually comes up and over the pancakes a ton more than that, so this was amazing!  And the buttermilk syrup turned out pretty good too!  Here is the link for the recipe: GERMAN PANCAKES.  Yum!  It calls for a lot of eggs, which suits us pretty well as we are starting to swim in eggs now that more chickens are laying!

I also made my mother in law's recipe for sugar cookies!  I MEANT to half the recipe, but I accidentally got excited with the eggs and put in the amount for the full recipe.  So....I ended up with a TON of sugar cookies!  I'm not complaining...they are delicious!  Thanks mother in law!!!  :)
 I only had one casualty...(poor little guy hit the floor...)
Because there were sooo many, we decided to frost them as we went instead of frosting them all at once!  So, I don't have any pictures of that.

I also thought I would try my hand at making pierogies.  We usually buy Mrs. T's pierogies from Wal-Mart, but we thought it would be fun to try to make our own.  I used This Recipe mixed with some info from another pierogi recipe.  The other recipe said to add some sour cream and I thought that might be a good addition.  I also halved the recipe, but that still made me end up with about a billion pierogies...You'll see.

First, I made the mashed cheesy potatoes.  I used about 2 and a half pounds of red skinned potatoes and about 10 ounces of mild cheddar cheese, grated.  I don't know if you have heard of this, but apparently if you put a wooden spoon over a boiling pot it will not boil over.  In this case it is totally completely true.  I would have had quite the mess on my hands.  Observe...
 Needless to say, I boiled the potatoes until cooked, then drained them in a collandar.

Then you add the cheese and smash it all together...YUM!  I added some salt and pepper because potatoes like salt and it helped the flavor quite a bit.  And sour cream, like I said.  Why have I never made cheesy mashed potatoes before that day?
Then, I put the mashed potatoes to cool and later in the fridge to wait for when I was ready.  On to the dough.  I wasn't sure the actual process so I probably did it wrong, but I think it all worked out in the end.  Here's the dough after I put in the eggs...
Then I put in some water and some other stuff and kneaded it for 10 minutes.  The first 5 minutes went pretty quickly but after that I kept watching the clock.  I was pleasantly surprised it came out so smooth.  (I love my table!)
After I cut off the first piece of dough to roll into the rounds I noticed the dough was getting skin on it, so I put a moist paper towel over it while it was sitting waiting for me to deal with it.  That worked pretty well until the paper towel dried out.  Instead, I grabbed a microfiber rag and used that instead, it worked really well!
Here is my set up.  I grabbed my desk and brought it into the kitchen to work on.  My table doesn't have the right kind of edge to clamp the pasta roller to, so that is why I am using the desk instead. Here is my first run through, it worked pretty well! But it took me a little while to get into a groove.
Here's what it looked like when I was rolling them out...these are my first few. is how many I ended up with after I was done.

It took me like 5 hours from start to finish.  Holy cow! I can understand why people only make them a couple of times a year and why they have friends or family help them.  But they were pretty good!  Not sure if it was worth it, but still really good! Here they are after they were boiled for 4 minutes...(Then we froze most of the rest of them.)
For dinner, we tried them a few different ways.  Hubby tried to deep fry one...
The dough was too thin, so I think next time I make them I would do double the thickness of the noodle, then it should be perfect.  Then we baked some, which turned out really good/perfect.
It was definitely an adventure!  And now I have a freezer full of pierogies to show for it.  Yum! Will I make them again?  I'm not sure...

Next up...Lego Christmas houses!  Yay!  I better hurry and build them though, only 5 days til Christmas! Or is it 4?...I dunno.  

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