Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas!!!!  What a great day!  Hubby and I have been together for over 10 years now and on December 29th is our anniversary of the day we got engaged!  I can't believe we've been together for so long.  That first Christmas we shared, 10 years ago, we made graham cracker houses and decorated them!  They were so awesome!  Then, the next year or two we did them again and we haven't done them since. But this year was different.  We did them this year!  YAY! It was so awesome!

But first...A Christmas miracle!  For the first time in many, many years I received a surprise in a box of cereal!  This is my new (super duper awesome) Star Wars Pen!!  Yeah!!!  (Please disregard the gross carpet!)
And, in honor of an annual tradition I have shared with a good friend at work, I made a snow angel this year!  This was after the first good snowfall!  Before last weekend we had only had an inch or two, nothing that would make a real good snow angel.  Hubby took the picture and his finger made an appearance in all the pictures! :) hehe..
And on to the Christmas houses!  YAY!  I have 2 Christmas Lego houses that I built, but I haven't put them on here yet (obviously).  Next time hopefully...
This is Hubby's graham cracker house/farm.  We do not take this lightly...we do toys and everything too...its pretty awesome! Fyi, the stacked spearmints to the left of the tractor with the grain bin are his silos!

His turned out sooooo cool!!!
And on to mine...he finished before me, so while he was done and took a nap, I finished mine up. I know the snowman is out of place because there isn't any snow, but we had them so I decided to use them.  The marshmallow trees didn't want to stay standing up.

They turned out pretty awesome this year!!!  I have no complaints other than it took most of the afternoon! :) It was really fun though!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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