Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lego Christmas Houses (10216 & 10222)

Well, its still near Christmas so I am going to say that it is still okay for me to post about Christmas. Nothing real special, but I bought some Lego Christmas houses last year and didn't get around to building them until the week or two before Christmas, and haven't gotten around to posting about them until now.  Man, I am not very good at this! :) That being said, I still have two houses to build not including this, but they will wait until we have our next Lego weekend or holiday.  

Okay, this first one is the Bakery, Lego set #10216.  Here is what the front of the instructions looks like.  
Here is how it is displayed in my home...yes, it is very dusty, I'm not very proud of that, but it is what it is.
Here is the storefront...there is a light in the shop so you can display all the stuff in the window. Yep, that's part of my hand! :)
 Here is inside the store...behind the oven there are a few loaves of French bread.
Here is a horse with a wagon and a case you didn't already see it..haha!
Here is a cute little skating rink.  Notice the boy standing by the bench with a camera in his hands, also notice the red legs "flailing" about because s/he was caught in a snow drift on the right side. Hilarious!
Here is the second set that I built, it would be the Post Office, set #10222.
 Here is the front...those little red post office boxes are so cute!
And there is a light in this one too!
This is my most favorite lamp post of all the sets I have built.  So cute!
Here is the inside of the post office, I'm really loving the tile floor.  It will stink to take up when I take the set apart but it looks really cool!
Here is the mail truck (I think)...
A bench by a snow drift with someone shovelling and a young boy walking his dog and stopping to give it a treat.
Here is the gazebo!  There is a guy playing what looks like a brass instrument and a guitar.  I love both instruments, they turned out sooo cool!!

Here it is displayed...and a couple of my Christmas decorations.  I also had lights draped around the room in honor of Christmas, it was really fun!
Well, that is it for the Christmas Legos this year, I really love them though!  They were really fun to build!  I still have some Harry Potter Lego sets that I haven't put together yet, but we haven't really taken much of a chance to play with much Legos yet.

School is starting here in about 3 weeks.  I am so excited to get back into school stuff, also really nervous!  I think it will be such a good thing though, so it will be worth it.  I recently ordered all of my books off of Amazon and am waiting for one more book.  I just want school to start already!  I know I'll feel differently after school has started but I'm ready to start a real job/career!

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  1. I am so happy for you and school! I really think being in school is so good for puts their brain in learning mode and makes them smarter all around (IMO).

    Love the legos! It's an awesome kind of christmas village! i think the mail truck looks like a fire truck, though