Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Post Christmas Mayhem

Well, we've had some craziness go around the house lately...
First of all, yes, the Christmas decorations are still up. (laziness)
Second, I love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies soooo much!
And Third, this is what happens when you leave destructible things like the graham cracker houses lying around...
And yes, moments later, the silos were kicked over!  I put my foot through the barn, that was very, VERY fun!!!
And here is mine...
Hubby put his fist through the house and it went everywhere...it was AWESOME!!  A huge mess, but it was really cool to see it just go everywhere in pieces!  hehehe (evil laugh)...And it went from there...I broke down the garage and barn and we did the fence too!  Soooo fun!  It was kind of fun to break something as you walked past them, just in case we were bored.  And I just barely threw them away.  It might be fun to build some just to break them down, hehe...What a great end to the year!
Happy New Year Everybody!!!! :)

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