Sunday, November 13, 2011

4 cal per gram

I realized that all sugars are about the same, calorically speaking. 
Even the ones that say they are "no calorie."  Here's my reasoning:
Before me lies a box of packets of "stevia in the raw."  On the side of the package it says "Each serving contains less than 4 calories which the FDA considers dietetically zero."  Eack packet is 1 gram (of almost everything in a packet, Sweet 'n Low, Equal and Splenda), and almost every package I looked at last night at the store had the 4 calories and under verbage on it.  So...1 gram is 4 calories.  1 tablespoon=12 grams, there's 16 tablespoons in 1 cup, 12g x 16T=192 grams in 1 cup.  So 192g x 4 cals=768 cals per cup.  Regular granulated sugar is about 4 cals per gram, granulated Equal is 4 cals, Splenda, the sugar blend for baking, is 385 cals per 1/2 cup, so thats 96 grams in that, so you divide those and get about 4.01 cals per gram.  (Most of this information was taken from the 2006 edition of the Calorie King Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate counter book.)  It could not be true (meaning my facts could be incorrect), but it seems right, I always figured that they were all about the same.  It looks like xylitol would be the best bet, calorically speaking because (based on several web sites I just looked at) it only provides 2.4 cals per gram, so that is quite a bit of savings!  So, instead of 768 cals per cup, its 460.8 per cup!  Plus, I've heard bad things about aspartame and sucralose (same thing), so I usually just opt for sugar. 

P.S. Hubby and I decided to start watching our calorie intake.  Man, its really reeeeally hard!  Everything is so calorically expensive!

Slight correction (several days later): I can see why people would use the stevia and aspartame and all that, they say its like 200 times sweeter than sugar, so 1 gram of them would do the same job of 2 teaspoons of sugar, so that kinda makes sense.  Overall, if you used it based on that ratio, it would definitely save you a lot of calories.

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