Thursday, November 24, 2011

End o' coupons

Coupon Day 3: Commenced on Monday November 21.  I had a ginormous list of groceries to get, and a fair amount of coupons in my wallet.  I saved, I think, about $5.00.  Two of those dollars were on some small Pyrex baking dishes (for when we do small brownies again, or cakes, or pie, or...oh my!).  Also, I saved .40 cents off 2 small Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, .50 cents off the red Tide liquid laundry soap (because I think I need to try a different kind), $1.00 off Drano snake, and $1.00 off 2 Lysol disinfectant wipes, Okay, so really $4.90.  Maybe I'm just really bad at this coupon thing, that or maybe I'm just too particular.  ALSO!!!  I saved $15.88 (no coupon), at our local grocery store, if you bought $100.00 worth of stuff you got a free turkey, and I of course spent over that, so that was really exciting! (p.s. the turkey is sitting partially eaten on my stove).

And so, I cancelled the newspaper subscription on Monday.  However, it won't stop coming until this Sunday, so I will get 4 more that day.  AND, unexpectedly (it being Thanksgiving day) I got 4 this morning!  Weird!  P.S. I'm not a day after Thanksgiving shopper...unless you count some much needed ice cream, but I think we'll have enough leftover pie that ice cream will be unnecessary.  And as far as the diet goes today...its a free/cheat day!  We've been doing really good.  I think the average daily caloric intake last week for me was 1700-ish, and hubby was 1400-ish.  I think we're getting there.  It sucks because the numbers aren't going down as fast as we like, but its a lifestyle change, not a quickie fix, so it will take time.  Plus, the other day I went and got a recumbent bike, so maybe we can inch that in there somewhere, maybe while we're playing Nintendo.

Speaking of Nintendo, I was really naughty the other night, because we only had 3 games before for the Super Nintendo.  I went to Graywhale, up the street, and got 7 more Nintendo games!  A couple of really dumb ones, followed by some super awesome ones, we got Super Mario all stars, Zelda (which I was particularly excited about), Mario Kart, Tetris and Dr. Mario (which Dr. Mario is way fun), and Donkey Kong 3 - Dixie something or other.  I haven't been playing too much, but that is okay, I find I get bored really easily, so its probably better.  Hubby's been playing Zelda a lot, which is cool, I kind of like watching him, and he likes having me watch.

Another bit of news!  Hubby got offered an internship with John Deere!  It will start next May and last for 3 months!  I'm not excited to have him gone for that long, but it will be a really great opportunity for him!  Hopefully he'll get a job there for after he graduates!  That would be so wonderful!  :)

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