Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Garden: week 2

And now, friends, its time for another good idea bad idea.  I mean, good news bad news. :)
So far, the garden is going really well!  ...except for the one'll see at the end of the post. I took these pictures yesterday morning before I watered it all.  
The angle is weird, but I think these are the peas.  

The baby carrots...aren't they cute?

The watermelon..

White potatoes...

Yes!  The cucumber...

I think this is the Bibb lettuce, I think its upside down.. (sorry)

And the bad news...this is the other cucumber plant.  :(  But, it looks like there is another leaf on it that wasn't there before so maybe....(probably not).

And, introducing: The raspberry project.  
I haven't heard of too many people (that, or I haven't looked it up well enough) that have planted raspberries in containers, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I also am going to plant strawberries and "hens and chicks" in pots too, but I've heard that they both do really well, but I'm not sure about the raspaberries (I like calling them raspaberries instead of raspberries).  Here they are, in all their glory, I just planted them in the pots last night while youknowwho (hubby) mowed part of the lawn.  They are Caroline Everbearing Raspberries, they produce a large sweet tasting red raspberry, according to the tag on the pot.  
The soil I've used in the pots is a third potting soil with fertilizer, a third garden soil with fertilizer, and a third peat moss.  (All of which can be found in bags at the garden center at Lowe's.)  

Wildlife update: I saw a huge squirrel and a brown rabbit.  We saw 2 Canadian geese the other day too in the corn field.  And we saw a cardinal (the bird) in our driveway during the rain today, man, they are beautiful!  Last week, too, I saw what looked like a yellow finch (bird).  Seeing all these birds and animals is just soooo cool!  :)


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