Thursday, May 30, 2013

Garden: week 3

I took all these pictures on Wednesday in the 5 minutes that it wasn't raining...Its been raining a lot the last week or two.  Good: I don't have to water the garden and its not bzillion degrees outside.  Bad: it makes
playing outside less likely and less fun.  Here is where we can see just how dorky I am.

Look, there's a little yellow flower on my tomato plant that is not a dandelion!!! Yay!  Doesn't it look like a happy little tomato plant? :)

I should have deleted this picture because my finger got in the way, but now I just think its funny...Can you find it?  (I'm pointing to to the cucumber plant...haha!) 

My potatoes are flourishing!  I've never grown potatoes but I'm so excited!

The Bibb lettuce.  I'm still not sure how this is going to taste, what the texture is like, or when to harvest...granted I know I'm pretty far from harvesting anything, but I should probably learn more about this lettuce.  Which I might feature in the next garden update.

My peas!  Yay!  I love fresh peas!

I'm not sure what happened.  I planted a whole package of bush beans and I think I only have 2 that sprouted and are doing anything.  I just don't know!!  Oh well!

Carrots!  I'll definitely have to thin them out when they get bigger!  I've heard of someone (my dad maybe) that mixes the seeds in with sand so that you don't bunches like this and so they are better spread out.  I might do that next time.

My strawberries!  Look at all the strawberries in there!!!!!!!!!  And the one looks like it has a hint of pink on it today, I'm so excited!  And they're getting big!  Yay!

And my Hens and Chicks.  They're not part of the garden, but I think they're cute!  :)  I'm hoping they will fill up the container!



  1. sooo....I'm assuming Hens and Chicks are another type of plant? I'm really hoping you didn't bury your chickens......

    1. Yep, they are a kind of succulent plant, I believe they are in the cactus family. Why they are named chicks and hens is beyond me, they don't look at all like chickens to me! :) I love them!