Monday, July 22, 2013

Chicken adventures: week 7?

Well, they are about 7 ish weeks old now, about a month and a half.  I can't believe how big they are!  I'm pretty sure I say that every entry about the chickens, so you got to hear it again, Yay!  Well, sitting here eating cereal while I'm waiting for more work to do and for the time to come that I have to start getting ready to go to the doctor.  BOOOO....p.s. diet and exercise plans are coming my way.  BOOOOOOO AGAIN. Should that be another adventure that we go on?  Well, the problems are that I have really high cholesterol, thyroid problems and an irregular heartbeat.  I wore a Holter (heart) monitor for a day last week (just in case you didn't want more proof that I was becoming an old lady) to see if there is anything else wrong, which I will talk to the doctor about the results of today.  Its probably normal, which it apparently just is for some people, but he wanted to check that before he put me on any cholesterol medicine.  UGH!  Is any of the real people that read this interested?  Let me know, but then you'll hear about my failures and everything....but we can take this as a learning experience together, making it a lifestyle rather than just a diet.  I dunno, but I'm going to have to deal with this my whole life, and I have a lot of things I want to be here for.  We need to figure out real goals and rewards, I know "feeling better about myself" is a great reward, but doesn't give me the drive to succeed that it should.

Anywho.  I thought I would post the pictures of the chickens real quick that I took yesterday.  It has been an exciting weekend!  Our flock has been reduced from 22 to 13.  Don't worry, as far as I know, everyone is alive and safe.  We gave 9 chickens to a lady in my church to take to her sister's farm.  Reasoning: we felt like we had just way too many, and if we want some of our hens to hatch out chicks next year, we have to have room to grow.  We also had 5 to 9 roosters.  Too many boys in the henhouse is not a good thing!  A bunch of them were starting to fight pretty regularly and some of them had more attitude than they should. But we think that it didn't help that they were confined to such a small space, so we figured we would take care of things before it got dangerous.  The chicks are still too small to actually hurt each other, so we figured it was a good time.  As far as I know, they are going to a farm where they can free range over a large area of land with other chickens, and that should be fun.  They will have plenty of space!  And I'm pretty jealous that they can let their chickens range like that.  ....someday!

So, here is the group yesterday.
 A golden laced girl... the golden girls? :) (we still have 2)
 Buff brahma hen... SHE'S SO PRETTY!!!!!
 Mr. Man...the golden laced rooster...(1 rooster of 2 - maybe)
 Blue hen..(we have 2 still-I was thinking of naming them Ella and Billie for my 2 fave jazz singers)
 Little red..(we only have 1 red now)
 The 2 sexy twins (red sex link)...
 Brown leghorn (sorry its blurry)...
 Partridge...(might be a rooster, we're not entirely sure...this is the only partridge left)

So, all in all, we got rid of 1 golden laced cochin, a red pair, 3 partridge, little boy blue, and we threw in a couple of brown leghorn girls for a total of 9.  (probably 6 roosters!!!)

And... I was wandering about the garden yesterday and wth?  ...  A watermelon!  
I found 4 like this!!!!  Its about 5 inches in diameter!!!!  Last thing I knew there were little 1 inch ones, but hey!  I'll take it!  Its pretty exciting!
Well, I better get ready, this took longer than expected!  Also, we're about to hit 1000 views!  YAAAY! Granted a lot of them are from spammer web sites, but it makes me feel cool that I've hit this high! :)

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