Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Garden: week 8

Wow!  It looks like we're already in week 8 of the garden!  Holy crap!  I, of course, am the best gardener EVER!  (Not, I'm terrible.)  Mother Nature alone is the reason why the garden is turning out as well as it is.  I do have to credit myself for the first week or 2, but I've pretty much ignored it since then, except for a couple of hours of weeding over the last 2 months.  And by "weeding" I mean mostly taking a shovel to the weeds and scraping the top part of the weeds off and putting them in the compost-ish pile.  (Btw, anyone know about making compost?)

This morning while I was waiting for more work to do (I work at home at the moment), I took a jaunt out to the garden to do a little bit of weeding and to check up on it.  Well, let's just say the weeding lasted about 10 minutes and I moved on to snooping around, taking pictures and picking a few things.

Here is a picture of the overall garden from the onion side.  It looks like a huge mess but it kind of makes sense.  Everything is soooo big!!!  Top left going clockwise-ish: giant tomato plants, giant potato plants, (far right) bushy area that is peas and carrots with a couple of bean plants hopefully still alive, iceberg lettuce area that didn't work out-dirt/grass area, bibb lettuce, onions that are about to flower I think, and the giant cucumber plant.  The watermelon plants are in the back, but you obviously can't see them.

I believe this is looking at the tomato plants (it looks sooo messy!), and the watermelon plants kinda.  If you remember, when I put in the sweet little tomato plants I put cages around them.  The tomato plants are so big and stems are so large that it pushed the cages out of the ground and the plants have been doing their own things...Its awesome!

I've got green tomatoes!!!!!   They're gonna be awesome!

Also, a bird's nest....really?  I looked at it a little bit closer later after this pic and it looks like there isn't a bottom to it.  I wonder if they abandoned it or if its still being worked on.  And no, I didn't remove it.  Not sure why.

Here are two pictures of my cucumber plant.  Holy crap its huge!

Here is another view where you can hopefully see how many dang flowers there are!  I'm gonna be buried in cucumbers this year (maybe).  I did find a couple of baby cucumbers, so that is exciting!  I think I might have to try my hand at making some tzaziki (spelling?) later.

Here are the pea plants/bush...(so much for rows, huh?)  You can see that there are peas!  YAY!!!  I love peas!!!!!  I picked a few (a little bit too soon still) and they were soooo good!

Here is one of the watermelon plants (there's a little flower in there too!)!!  Yay!

Here's the other watermelon plant, which I also saw a flower on (maybe).  I feel like this plant is bigger and I haven't weeded it so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.  Probably not, I think more seeds sprouted on this hill than the other hills, so that's probably why.  (...stupid freakin' weeds...)

I did pick a couple of things from the garden today.  I picked two little heads of lettuce for dinner (okay, we might not eat the rest, but I'm not sure--maybe it was too young).  I looked for red tomatoes to add to the salad, but couldn't find any. :)

I also picked a few peas...YUM!
I think that's everything...I should update you on the "berry patch."  The strawberries are doing well, but one of the raspberry plants isn't doing as well as the other.

Note to self for next time: space things out way more (mostly for picking reasons).  I'd also like to think that if it were spaced out better I'd weed more often, but come on, lets be realistic.  I freak out too much about bugs, that's (one big reason) why I haven't weeded.  (I think that there is something really REALLY ACTUALLY wrong with me).  Something funny, we had a couple of fireflies get into my kitchen tonight.  Hubby killed one and some of its firefly goo smeared on the ceiling and it glowed for a few minutes after we removed the bug.  It was pretty awesome!  (poor bug, but kinda cool)  And as one of my friends put it, fireflies are not as cute a bug as they should be.

Something to talk about: mouse traps vs. poison?  and peppermint oil?  I've been using peppermint oil on cotton balls in all of my drawers and cabinets and haven't seen any "evidence" for several days, so I wonder if its working.  Mostly out of laziness.  We haven't put out any murdering devices yet.  I'm imagining they are having a party in the cellar (which we never ever go down into if we can help it), so we might just do poison down there because we know we won't check the traps down there.  I think we will put a few traps up here.  Any opinions?  Keep in mind, we have a rock foundation and the house is 133 years old and its crumbling, there is no possible way to find out how they are getting into the house.  Plus, I don't know how much to freak out about this.  I haven't actually seen any (knock on wood) yet, just "evidence."

Well, its waaay past my bedtime.

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