Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bibb lettuce

We're gonna pretend that the reason I didn't post about the garden on Wednesday was because I was looking up this information...which'll be a terrible excuse because there isn't much information about it.  :)

Looks like bibb lettuce is one of the best known varieties of butterhead lettuce.  This type of lettuce has large, tender leaves that are loosely arranged in a head and can be easily separated from the stem.  It has a sweet flavor and a soft texture.  That's about all I could find, I'm guessing that bibb is one of those types of lettuce that you have to tear apart in a salad instead of chop with a knife, I think it would bruise.  Apparently you can grow them indoors and it'll be just fine with water and sunlight, which would make it so you could have lettuce year round, which would be neat.  That might be an idea if I like this lettuce.  Its also considered a cool season crop, so I'm kind of worried that the warm weather coming up will make it bitter.  But I'm not entirely sure when I can start picking and eating it.  Anyway, there we go! :)

Off to start building the chicken coop!

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