Saturday, June 15, 2013

Garden: week 5

Well, I'm a little behind on my posting, and I have 4 minutes before we are going to bed.  So, here's a quickie about the garden.  I think I took these pictures on Tuesday June 11, so I'm real sorry its taken me this long to post pictures of them.  I have no good excuses, pure laziness. :)

Here it is overall!  Pretty amazing!

That lettuce is getting big, I feel like I should start picking some for salads...Should I? I don't know.  I don't want it to get too big that its gross or that I'm too late! :S

My cucumber plant is getting so big!

The watermelon plants too!!!

Holy crap!  Look at these peas!!!  Please!  (haha oh my gosh, I'm a dork!)....The carrots are looking awesome too!

My tomatoes and the potatoes...I love how huge the potatoes are getting!  Anyone know when is a good time to pick them?  I know they have to flower then the potatoes develop underground, but I have no idea!  If they are underground then if I go to pick them too soon, I compromise the whole plant!

...Are the two light green things lettuce plants or weeds?  Sorry there are so many weeds.  Not cool, but I've neglected it, so its completely my fault.  Anyone know an easier way of getting rid of them between my plants and in the open spaces than with my fingers?

And I was looking at the hens and chicks plant the other morning and found this little mushroom...It was gone the next day.  Interesting! :)  I love the colored tips on the hens and chicks....its really cool!
(I didn't make the 4 minute mark, I'm over 6 minutes :))  Oh well, hubby's still playing his game, so its no big dealio!  P.S. We started the real chicken coop today!  ...something to look forward to!  Its gonna be a bzillion pounds and hard to move, but it'll be awesome!

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