Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chicken adventures: day 17

I can't believe the babies are 17 days old!  Every day I look at them and can't believe how fast they are growing, I always seem to notice new little things about them.  Its incredible!  This entry should feature at least one of every type of chick that we have, and so you will be able to see how fast they are growing and how they are getting all their cute little feathers.  They are in their awkward stage, its not so much of an ugly stage because they are not meat chickens.  The breed of chickens that are primarily for meat grow too fast for their feathers, its rather gross if you ask me, and just doesn't feel right.  So these chicks have more of an awkward stage, not an ugly stage. :) Yay!  Here we go!  I took these pictures on Friday June 14th.

Considering the "tornado" ruined our canopy, hubby figured out how to make it work again.  We tied it down real tight with our stakes and it works pretty good again!  Not perfect, but it works! :)

If there wasn't a blade of grass over its eye, this would be one of the pictures I plan on framing and putting on the wall.  Another of which is henny penny that you'll notice in the header at the top of the page.  Anyway, here is a partridge cochin.

Here are both buff brahmas.  I can't believe how much feather is coming in...

Top going clockwise: Marsha, brown leghorn, the little blue cochin girl (we think), and a golden laced cochin.

Here are the three red cochins (the more orange ones), a partridge and a buff brahma.

This is so sweet!  A red cochin and a golden laced cochin.  So adorable!

A red sex link female.  Isn't her little tail so cute?

Here is a little bit of everything, up front you have (left to right), a brown leghorn and a partridge cochin; in the middle row-ish you have a red sex link, one of our blue cochin roosters (we think) and below that a golden laced cochin (its black, weird); top row-ish we have a red cochin, another blue cochin rooster (maybe), a buff brahma and another red sex link.

We noticed some slight differences in their combs on Friday...The one on the left we think is the girl blue cochin and the one on the right is a blue cochin we think is a rooster.  His comb seems bigger, so I wonder if that is any indication.  But again, its all guess work anyway, so we're just playing with things that we're noticing.  Pretty much, we'll end up with whatever we end up with. :) But its kind of fun to guess.  At this point we think we might only have 2 roosters (both blue).

We opened up the rest of the brooder to them.  They seem to be enjoying it, and I can't believe how much more space they take up now.

We started the brooder yesterday.  Its going to be so heavy!  But I think I said that yesterday too....Scary heavy, good thing it'll have wheels on it!


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