Saturday, June 8, 2013

Garden: week 4 (and hamburger bun)

I'm a few days late, and I'm really sorry, there's been a lot going on.  We had some of our friends over for a barbecue last night, had to go shopping so we could start building the chicken coop and I'm being lazy.  (might as well be honest :)

I'm going to complain for a minute and then we'll get onto the garden pictures and update.  In Utah, we had places that we would go for really good donuts and muffins.  Harmon's grocery store had amazing muffins, they were sooooo moist and delicious, with lots of flavor and wonderful fat.  I used to always get the cinnamon muffins and sometimes the blueberry.  I think it was cinnamon chip, but there wasn't any chocolate it was little bits of cinnamon, oh my gosh!  I can't remember!!!!!!!  NOOOOOoooo...I'm starting to forget them. :(*  We would often get donuts there and they were probably one of my number 2 favorite donut that I could get in my city.  The Number 1 donut my friend and I would get was during a lunch break, we would go to the Kent's market in Roy.  They were the BEST donuts ever!  If you got the round maple ones they were glazed first then maple frosted on top, if you got the maple bars, sometimes they would accidentally put too much frosting on.  What a shame... They were fluffy and not very dense and had such good flavor.  We would sometimes get ones that accidentally had sprinkles from a neighboring donut, or nuts.  *sigh*  I say this because I have not found a good donut or muffin around this city and its really disappointing and frustrating me.  So..I think I'm going to have to make them...we have a deep fryer and I have a recipe for donuts that I want to try but I don't know of a good glaze.  The glaze is 80% of what makes a good donut!!!!  AND!!!!  My stupid million year old oven runs hot, so my baking abilities are suffering.  *Insert frustrated little girly temper tantrum* :)  If ANYONE has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know!  If you live in the Ogden area and you haven't tried the donuts and muffins, DO IT.  You will never go back.  (evil laugh)

Okay, now that I have vented my frustration about everything that's bothering me about this place, lets get onto the garden.  It looks great, huh!?  And the grass really filled in on the sides, huh? I'm so happy about that!  There are still some bare spots that need some help on the left side, but its looking really good!

My 3 rows of peas, two beans (out of a whole freakin' package I only got 2 beans to grow...ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! - really I think its kinda funny) and carrots.  They all look pretty happy, and I'm super excited for the peas!  Mmmm...fresh peas.

The bibb lettuce on the lower left (crap I was gonna research it, huh?), my 5 potatoes (middle), I can't believe how huge they are!  Almost as big as the tomatoes in the background!!!  Awesome!  And that big empty area on the bottom right is where my iceberg lettuce should be....(that's all I'm gonna say about that)

The onions that you can't really see...Only like 3 or 4 actually did anything of the 6, which is okay, we don't use much onion anyway, it was more of just for fun.

The one cucumber plant looks so happy!!!!

My watermelon plants (and the stray), I love that they are getting more and more leaves, it makes me so happy!
 And a better view of the tomato plants... :)

We are not very experienced with barbecuing, so we've had to make a lot of hamburgers before we had our friends over.  We decided to make our own hamburger buns too.  This was the first try for these 40 minute hamburger buns, they turned out really good!  They were a bit small, but sweet and delicious, so the next time (last night) I made them twice as big and they were just toooooo doughy.  I need to perfect the recipe a little bit.  And get used to my stupid oven.  Ugh!  But its beautiful!!!  :)  Good hamburger!!

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