Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chicken adventures: special edition

Its been quite the evening!  Its raining like crazy tonight (which for Iowa is normal)!  My husband is crazy, he thought it would be fun to set up the canopy that we used for the events last summer outside with chicken wire around the outside and play with the chicks in the rain.  Here's what it looked like:
The canopy had a lot more little tiny holes in it than we thought, which was really disappointing because we took really good care of it.  We folded it up after we used it for the day, kept it all clean in the original packaging, folded up and it was in good condition.  Stupid tiny holes.  But it worked pretty well, we played with the chicks for a little bit and here's a pic from that...very similar to the last post of the first adventure outside, but this time it was a little bit wet outside.

AND THEN...All hell broke loose for about 10 minutes.  I can't help it laugh and shake my head. (sorry for saying hell but it felt very appropriate considering..)
Seeing the before/after pics next to each other is just awesome!!!  :) Naturally I'm disappointed, but such is life.  Kinda makes us worrying and being disappointed about the teeny holes earlier seem silly, huh?  Thank goodness we staked it in the ground good.  The story: we apparently had a tornado warning or something for our area.  The good news is that because this city is so hilly that it breaks them up so they haven't had one touch down here for quite some time.

Then we had some ice cream and then went to bed. Well, I posted this, and then went to bed. :)

Side and unrelated note: I'm going to get a 1950s chrome table and chairs set on Monday.  I'm soooo excited! And its VERY affordable too!  Check it out!!!!  (Craigslist gets a point for this one...I really miss KSL classifieds)


  1. KSL classifieds are da bomb. Hope you are doing well.

    1. I know, I miss KSL so much! I'm bitter and hesitant to use Craigslist because its not KSL, but little by little I'm warming up to it. :) Doing awesome!

  2. I check KSL classifieds daily for a few specific items. I know they'll appear because you can find ANYTHING on there! Nothing compares...

    1. You are totally right Susie! I've had pretty good luck with KSL, sold plenty a items on there! And surprisingly enough, there was a really good chicken market on there, it made selling my chickens really easy! We even bought some off there too...very good experiences!