Monday, June 10, 2013

Chicken adventures: day 7 and 10

Okay, I'm going to assume that when we picked up the chicks they were one day old, hatched May 31st, 2013., they are 11 days old.  I can't believe how many feathers are coming in, and that they are starting to go through their awkward stage.  I took some pictures when they were 7 days old (on June 6) as well as last night (day 10, June 9).  The ones from yesterday are all red because I thought I could take better pictures of them (less squirmy and move-y in their natural area) in the brooder.  The lighting is really poor, but  in some cases you can see just how much wing feather is developing.  Also, just for fun, I took a 2 minute video of the chicks playing in the corner snuggling under the light to keep warm when they were in the living room on the 6th.  My favorite parts are when some of them jump into the pile of chicks, when some sneak underneath everyone else, and how you can see how much feather they are already getting.  Its amazing how much can happen in a week and a half.  Seriously!!!  The pictures will probably dwindle out as they get older, I think its just incredible how fast they grow and feel its worth documenting so you all get to see it too. :)

We think this little brown leghorn might be a boy.  We specifically ordered girls of this breed, but you see how the wing feathers are not that big?  Compare with the wing of the other little girl of the same breed in the next picture.

The internet wasn't cooperating and working quickly, so I'll add the video tomorrow hopefully during the not busy hours.  I really think the video is fun, and it is a lot better than pictures.  You can see just how fun they are.

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