Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chicken adventures: day 12, outside!

We (the babies) played in the grass today for the first time!
Here was our setup, we just got the chicken wire roll that we're gonna use for the coop and made a little circle with it and used the chairs to keep it standing up.

This is right after I put them in the grass for the first time.  It was really fun to watch them get used to it and enjoy the grass!

I was so excited, after a while of playing with them, that they started jumping on my leg.  I really miss that!  Except 2 of them pooped on me...which, really was kinda funny.  Is it gross that I get in there and interact like this?  If it makes anyone feel better I changed right afterward and I don't let any chickens remotely close to my face.  I think, technically, that you are not supposed to handle chicks, but we like to make them friendly and we have had pretty good luck so far.  (Sexy pajama pants, huh? hehe)

Mmm...My man's hands holding a little red cochin chicken.  Simply adorable!  Don't tell him I posted this. :)

Her little chicken instincts are kicking in!!  She's foraging!  AND...we have tons of gnats around (tiny pieces of crap!!!  ack!!) and a lot of the chicks would grab them out of the air or off their neighboring chicks.  It was awesome!  I was a proud little mama! :)

Side garden note: The first fruits!  Here is one of my strawberry plants!  I picked 6 strawberries between the 2 pots tonight!  Awesome!!!!
And this is my hens and chicks plant, see the teeny baby chick in the middle?  Aawwww!  I think that means they're happy in the pot! Yay!

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