Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chicken adventures: pictures!!! (6-7 days old)

Okay, we've had the chicks for, going on, the 5th day now.  Its hard to believe just how much they change in a few days, some of them have quite the little wing feathers coming in.  Its amazing!  Any time now and they'll be entering what I call the ugly stage.  This is when they lose their baby fluff and start growing feathers, its not pretty.  Its kind of funny too because its like the awkward stage for a teenager, hehe! :)

I'm going to try to post pictures that I scanned from the catalog that will show you the chick and what the full grown chicken will look like.  Let's see how this goes.  Okay, that didn't work.  I might have to pull it from the Murray McMurray catalog, well...lets try something else.  Well, I used the snipping tool from the start menu to copy the pics of the scans...haha!  I'm getting there, I'm not very good at this technology stuff sometimes. :)

Unfortunately, the pictures don't note the adorable factor.  Which most of them score pretty high! :)  Even as adults.  For the Partridge Cochins below I accidentally cut through the bantam picture, but its essentially the same, except we couldn't select if we wanted males or females (the bantams are just too small to sex when they are babies).  I think we lucked out though and only got 5 roosters out of the 23 chicks.  We are totally guessing, but the boys seem to mature a little bit slower than the girls, so we are using the developing of their feathers as the sole determining factor.  We will find out later for sure, I suppose.  :) (hehe!! boys mature slower..j/k ;)

Here are the regular sized chicks that we got (not mini).

These pictures all came out of the catalog from 2011, so prices have changed a fair amount and I'd rather not say how much we spent on chicks this year. :)  I'm still so excited, but its not chea..oh!  CHEEP!  hahaha!  I crack myself up sometimes.

I've got some pictures that we took on Monday when we were playing with them.  They are hard to take pictures of sometimes because they are so squirmy and don't sit still, but we'll see how this goes.  :) Brace yourself, there's a lot of adorable coming your way... :)  Don't tell our landlord, but we bring them inside on towels and use cardboard to make a sort of ring.  They are so much more fun to play with like this.

Here is a brown leghorn that posed for the camera (well, it was looking at hubby's finger).
 I got a real good picture of this little red cochin (weird cuz its yellowy huh?)
The two front....  Right is a blue cochin and left (I believe) is a golden laced cochin (weird cuz its black and reddish brown huh? and it'll be yellow and black!)
Left to right...  A blue cochin rooster (we think), Partridge cochin, and brown leghorn.
 HOW CAN YOU RESIST THAT!!!!  :) (blue cochin)
Marsha is looking at the camera (most centered on the left), and the yellow one on the right is a red sex link.
 Here is a buff brahma (most centered in front).
Hubby's hand and a feeding frenzy...and how can you beat a handful of fluffy little chicks eating out of your hand?
And because its cute.  They're little poop machines too! They are standing on a couple of pieces of bread. :)
With that, I bid you a good day!

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