Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Garden: week 6

Well, for once in a long time, I actually took these pictures today and I'm posting them today!  Sweet!!!
I'll admit there is a lot of grass...I'm not too proud of myself on that end.  If you can see them among the weeds, can you believe how big my peas are getting?  I don't have any flowers or anything yet, so hopefully soon!  The two beans are pretty big too!  (I spy two bean plants... can you find them?  haha).  The carrots are flourishing too, I really need to thin them.  I picked one yesterday when I was putting the Repellz All out to deter the deer, etc. from it.  I found some hoof prints by the watermelons the other day.

Holy crap the potato plants!!!!!  I can't get over how huge they are!!!!  My lettuce is looking awesome and the cucumber plant is getting big!!!  I did just weed this front part that you see.  Pretty much stopped there....I hope I get a good tan from this stupid garden weeding.  To be completely honest though, I attacked the grass/couple of weeds with a shovel.  That would be about as good as I would have done with my hands, and it goes way faster.  Probably the wrong way to do it, but there we are!

The bibb lettuce.  It feels like its time to have a salad...

You can't see them real well, but right there in the middle (of the tomato plant) are some flower buds!

Here are the flowers that I found on my cucumber plant!  Yay!!

The watermelon plants are growing pretty good, if you can see 'em!

I'm feeling grumpy, so....stupid wasps, hornets, freakin' gnats!!!!!!!  We have like a zillion!  AAAAACCKKK!!!!  Any tips on how not to freak out about bugs?  Bugs in general, I mean.  I think I really have a problem, I almost freaked out last week over one that was caught between plastic on the window and my desk.  Not good!  I had to get up and start making my lunch otherwise I probably would've completely freaked out. Anyway, that's my complaining for the night.  I'm so excited about the garden, its going so well.  Its been pretty dry, maybe I should water it....I dunno.  The weather channel says in a couple of days there will be 4 days of thunderstorms and rain, but I don't think I can trust it.  Maybe in the morning.

xoxo :)

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